A Guide to Recovery after Breast Implants

September 21, 2017     

New Breast Implants

Human beings have an affinity to feel good about themselves through someone else’s eyes. For them, being how they are and how their body is, that acceptance is often lost due to various reasons. They see other people having better body structure and better features and eventually insecurities take a hike.

A Breast Implant is the prosthesis which is used to change the size, shape and the outline of a woman’s breast. It basically increases or decreases the size of the breasts according to the person’s preference.

In the case of surgery, a breast implant is used to cosmetically augment or enhance the appearance of the breast through Breast Enlargement Surgery where the implants a moulded and are surgically placed inside the breast of the woman so as to make it appear enhanced.

There are mainly three types of breast implant devices which are based upon the material they are filled with – Saline Solution, Silicone Gel and Composite Filler. 

The procedure of breast implant surgery mainly involves surgically placing the implant either over the muscle and under the gland or placing it under the muscle.

Breast Implants Process

Breast Implant Recovery Stages:

Once the procedure is done, the recovery after breast implants is spread within few weeks of time. Recovery after breast implants involves taking in some sort of pain which is manageable according to research and case studies. The pain is kept in check with the use of painkillers.

If the implant is over the muscle and under the gland:

  • Day 1 – Day 4: This is the duration of time where the pain is the most. Most patients are advised strong painkillers to keep the pain in check and the patient at ease. Support bras are suggested to wear. Movement of legs is recommended to avoid clotting.
  • Day Five – Day Ten: In this time, the pain is usually gone and the patient can resume some of the daily activities but no the ones involving physical exercise.
  • Day 10 – Day 14: By this time, the sutures are removed and the patient can resume working at the workplace rather than home. Exercise is still not advised.
  • Two – Three Weeks: Increasing the number of daily activities can be done and also mild exercises can be practiced.
  • Four – Six Weeks: Implants start dropping at the natural position by this time and exercises can be done properly.
  • Three Months: The implant looks more natural and normal by this time and soft as well. Physical activities can be resumed and continued.

If the implant is under the muscle:

  • Day One – Day Ten: Moderate discomfort is caused in this period due to pain. Lifting, housework and other physical activities are not recommended.
  • Day 10 – Day 14: One can resume most of their daily work by this time and return to work as well. Even so, lifting and exercises are not allowed involving the upper body.
  • Two – Three Weeks: Gradually one should increase daily activities and exercises. No exercises involving upper body yet.
  • Four – Six Weeks: Implants drop to a more natural position and pain will be gone.
  • Three Months: Implants will be in position by this time and will look normal. Upper body exercises can be done if cleared by the doctor.

All said and done, breast implant recovery time and the breast implant recovery stages gives an overview of the do’s and don’ts post the surgery. Pain is momentary in itself and full recovery happens in three months.


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