A Makeover Every Mother Deserves

May 25, 2018     

Every mother deserves a makeover, female dermatologist near me

Giving birth is perhaps one of the best feelings for a woman. Like they say, it makes her feel complete. Nine months of carrying a little tenant inside their womb and going through hours of painful labour culminate in a blessed feeling when the little bundle of joy arrives wailing into this world.

Apart from all the physical hardships involved, there are a lot of mental challenges that any would-be mother goes through. Right from pulling off everything that is needed to be done to keep the baby secure and healthy, to going through different health check-ups, the fear of labour and the anxiety to deliver the baby do drain an expecting mother considerably.

Women experience several physical changes, too – the most obvious one being a growing belly to house the little one/ones inside. Apart from that, a woman’s skin has the unmissable pregnancy glow, her breasts become bigger to feed the baby and different hormonal concoctions affect different parts of her body.

Therefore, becoming a mother is no mean feat.

If you’re a new mother, then a big congratulations to you!

But then, if you thought the arrival of the baby makes things easier, then no, it does not. Post delivery, life takes a 360-degree turn for the parents, especially for you. While you’ve got to be a hands-on mother, your body suffers, silently. The once-celebrated pregnancy glow is gone, replaced by tired, loose skin. Your breasts sag after nourishing your little one. Your tummy shows the challenge of keeping a baby inside – safe and secure. Thanks to tending to your little one at all odd hours, your lack of sleep is evident through your dark circles and under eye bags.

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So, do you just look at the mirror and feel a little tinge of sadness? You need not be guilty for feeling that way, It’s natural for you to feel that way, and all these changes just make you a more beautiful woman. However, that doesn’t mean you should live with it if you don’t like it.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery, it’s possible for you to get back to your pre-pregnancy looks: the same skin and the same figure. At Cosmosure, we understand that giving birth is a great achievement and there’s no better way to celebrate it than by helping you regain your body, just the way you like it. And what do we call it?

A Mummy Makeover!

What To Expect From A Mummy Makeover?

First of all, the only reason you should be opting for this is if you feel like getting it done. Please understand that you are a beautiful person with strength enough to bear a child and bring him or her into this world. Yet, if you wish to change the way you look, Cosmosure’s Mommy Makeover is always here to help you achieve the desired results.

So, let’s understand what changes this makeover can bring and how.

Skin: Like mentioned above, you skin changes a lot post delivery, becoming loose and wrinkly. At Cosmosure, we use techniques such as laser treatments and facelifts to gift your skin the youth that it had before your pregnancy.

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Breasts: Your breasts provide the nourishment that your baby needs, which is why, because they work overtime, they might become saggy. Remember, your breasts get enlarged during pregnancy and remain so for as long as you feed your baby, but soon after, they shrink back to their original size, altering their appearance quite a bit. Thanks to surgeries like breast lift, breast enhancement and so on, your breasts can be brought to the shape you desire and all the sagginess can be taken care of.

Abdomen: Bearing a baby is no joke. As your womb expands to accommodate your child, the skin on the surface of your abdomen stretches to its maximum. However, once the delivery is done, the womb goes back to its normal shape. This leaves you with three things:

  • Stretch marks
  • A slightly out-of-shape abdomen
  • Surgery scars (if you had to go through a C-Section)

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There are several cosmetic procedures like scar revision surgery, skin tightening techniques and liposuction to take care of these after-effects of pregnancy.

Vagina: If you have gone through a normal delivery, which is the most recommended form of delivery, then your vagina would have stretched to its maximum limit. This would have caused your vaginal wall to become loose. If it makes you conscious, then you could opt for a vaginoplasty, which is a surgery performed to tighten the vaginal wall.

If this Mummy Makeover looks like a good option to you, then we would urge you to first consult our doctors at Cosmosure, who will help you with a detailed analysis of your issues and suggest the techniques that suit you the best.

A couple of things, however, you should keep in mind are:

  • Please wait for at least six months after your delivery to opt for this. Your body will take that time to get back to normal, only after which our doctors will be able access what are the different procedures that you require.
  • If you are planning to have more children, it’s best you wait, because further pregnancies can change the outcome of the makeover.

More importantly, remember one thing: you are beautiful the way you are. But if you wish to enhance the way you look, Cosmosure is the place to be.

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