Aesthetic Genital Surgery

The genitalia is a matter of “Inner Pride” of an individual. Self-esteem is more or less emotionally connected to the perceived appearance of the genitalia (male/female). Being in an area of “intimate privacy” can deflate the esteem of a person to make them go into a “recluse” state overnight.

It might debilitate the self-respect of an individual if he/she feels inadequate about the visual adequacy of genitalia when compared with a perceived ideal. Ample aesthetic improvement is likely for the genital appearance with the modernised equipment.

At COSMOSURE, the following genital augmentation services are available

Female genital cosmetic Surgery:

  • Pubic lift
  • Liposuction for pubic fat
  • Vaginoplasty (term for Vaginal tightening)
  • Labia minora reduction
  • Labia majora enhancement

Male Genital Cosmetic surgery:

  • Penile girth improvement
  • Penile lengthening

There is no point in losing self-respect by comparing your genitalia with anyone. There exists a solution to each and every problem. So, if you are looking for Aesthetic Genital surgery, then you are in the right place choosing COSMOSURE. You can take consultation with our expert surgeons for better suggestions on this surgery.