Are There Any Chances Of Relapse After Gynecomastia Surgery?

February 29, 2020     

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Can gynecomastia return after surgery? It is a common problem with breast reduction patients in men. After all, you do not only go under the knife, but you also have the cost and time to think. Of course, you want to know if your results are consistent.

Male breast enlargement, also known as gynecomastia, is a common cosmetic problem for many men and can cause a decrease in self-esteem and poor body image if not treated. Breast reduction in men is a surgical procedure that can reduce the size of an enlarged breast and restore a smoother and more masculine shape.

Enlargement of male breasts can be very annoying for affected men. Although this condition is quite common, it can cause emotional and psychological stress, poor self-esteem, decreased social interaction, avoidance of exercise, and even eating disorders. It often reflects how a man dresses and behaves in general and intimate conditions. Gynecomastia surgery is one way to permanently reduce men’s breasts and create a more masculine form of breasts.

The bigger problem for some men considering breast reduction is: “Will the breasts get bigger after surgery? Are the results long-lasting men”. Here are some factors that can affect your results.

Can gynecomastia return after surgery?
The short answer is yes; gynecomastia can reappear in men after breast reduction. However, recurrence of gynecomastia is infrequent. Almost all plastic surgeons who carry out the procedure regularly agree, and research also shows this.

What Can Cause Gynecomastia Recurrence?

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The most common cause of recurrence is when the glandular tissue has not been completely removed. It may be because an inexperienced surgeon performed the surgery or because the patient gets treated for a condition known as pseudo gynecomastia.

Pseudogynecomastia means you only have extra fat above your breasts – no additional breast tissue, as is the case with real clinical gynecomastia. Therefore, clinical gynecomastia requires removal of glandular tissue, whereas pseudo gynecomastia is usually treated with liposuction.

In addition to incomplete excision, regrowth is also possible if the cause of your gynecomastia is not resolved after surgery.

Studies have shown that various factors are associated with the occurrence of gynecomastia, including the use of certain drugs and drugs. Alcohol, opioids and steroids are known to be the cause. If the patient continues to abuse these substances after surgery, regrowth is possible.

Patients who consume marijuana can often find their male breasts come after surgery when they continue to use. Another possible factor in breast growth is when the patient has to gain weight. Although the removed fat cells do not return, the remaining fat cells can enlarge. Other factors that can cause breast returns can include medication or hormonal imbalances. Occasionally, scar tissue may build up.

To determine the possibility of breast regrowth, finding the initial cause can help prevent recurrence after surgery. The main reason is puberty, But the breasts usually disappear after adolescence. Besides puberty, the leading causes of breast growth in men are:

  • Obesity
  • Imbalance of testosterone and estrogen levels
  • A decrease in testosterone production, common in older me
  • Some medications
  • Marijuana and other recreational drugs
  • Psychological stress

Real gynecomastia is treated by eliminating most of the breast and adipose tissue. However, some are left to get the shape of the breast and maintain the areola. The small amount remaining can be a potential problem in the future.

If surgery is performed on young teens, male breasts can return because the hormone still stimulates obesity. Bodybuilders know that gynecomastia is at risk when using anabolic steroids and realize that men’s breasts can return if they continue to use steroids after surgery. Estrogenic effects are more in these men, so they choose to use drugs to block estrogenic effects.

How Steroid Use Causes Gynecomastia to return:

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Even with full excision, the surgeon still leaves the glandular tissue. It is due to structural and aesthetic reasons, mainly to make breasts look more natural. It allows tissue regeneration if steroid use continues after surgery. If you don’t want your gynecomastia back, it’s essential to avoid steroids and other hormone enhancing drugs.

Swelling and Scar Tissue:

Postoperative recovery can cause gynecomastia to come back after surgery. The first is swelling, which is normal. The swelling usually subsides after three or four weeks, but it doesn’t often occur for longer.

Some patients also find that their breasts begin to fill 4 to 5 weeks after the procedure. It is mainly due to the development of the scar and should not affect the overall appearance of your breasts. In such cases, you may feel stiffness under the skin. Massaging the area with your finger can help soften the tissue.

If this hardness is just below the nipple and is accompanied by swelling, it may mean you have developed a small seroma that collects inflammatory fluid. Seroma is more likely if you have had open surgery or no longer use your compression top.

If you suspect that breast buildup is caused by serum, it is advisable to check with a surgeon. This liquid seems to need to be dried. However, this is a relatively routine and straightforward procedure. Also, keep in mind that it will take at least six months for your final results to appear.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Worth It?

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Most of the men experience varying degrees of gynecomastia throughout their lives. The psychological effects can be significant, causing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and decreased self-esteem.

Most patients are delighted with the results after surgery and have been for years, and the majority of patients showed a high level of satisfaction after the procedure. If a certified, certified plastic surgeon performs this procedure, gynecomastia is unlikely to return.

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Which Surgeon Should We Consider During Gynecomastia?

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It is essential to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in male breast reduction to assess a patient’s condition for best results. In some cases, referral to an endocrinologist may be recommended. As discussed, various can cause gynecomastia If marijuana or steroids, or even some drugs, continue to be used, there is little chance of recurrence. If a gynecomastia surgery is performed on a boy aged 13 or 14, the man’s chest may come back because the hormone is still active. Sometimes the cause of male breast development is unknown.

Gynecomastia rarely returns if sufficient breast tissue has been removed during surgery. The goal of the surgeon is to remove 80% to 90% of the gland, leaving enough space to make the breast contour properly and survive in the areola. Liposuction is usually done to remove fat, but again, not all fat is removed. So, as patients gain weight, there may be an increase in fat throughout the chest and the body.


The bottom line, however, is that anyone undergoing surgery for gynecomastia does not want to risk damaging results. The result must be good. Doctors have observed that eliminating excess tissue gives patients higher self-esteem, and then they come out and build their breasts with extra muscle.

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