Blepharoplasty Treatment in Hyderabad

Eyelid Surgery

They say that eyes can speak the language of the heart. But as pure as your heart might be, you need those eyes to spread their beauty. Blepharoplasty surgery aims to correct the defects, deformities and disfigurations of the eyelids. The excess fat that collects in or near the eyelids and laxity of the skin due to ageing reduces the side-vision, making your eyes appear saggy and tired. But most importantly, it makes you look old.

Our surgeons at COSMOSURE do a detailed examination and many accurate tests of your periorbital area to determine if it is safe to conduct the surgery. As always, safety is paramount for us. So, try your luck with Blepharoplasty surgery, and the next time That person looks at you, we assure you, it would be magical.

How is Blepharoplasty Surgery Done?
First, the marking on the fat bulges & excess skin is made in a standing position. A Blepharoplasty surgery is performed under local/ general anaesthesia by making an incision in the natural crease of the lid. After the excision of excess skin and fat, the incision will be covered by sutures leaving a thin scar in the area.

This will fade shortly on its own. When it comes to the surgery on the lower lid, it mainly depends on the preoperative condition. If there is only fat and no excess skin, this condition can be treated scar less & stitch less through Trans Conjunctival Blepharoplasty. If excess skin and fat are to be treated, then it might leave a light scar close to the edge of the lid.

Potential Risks of a Blepharoplasty Surgery
Although Infection, bleeding, dry eye, etc. are possible risks that occur after a Blepharoplasty surgery for people who have extreme sensitivity, it is still rare. You need not worry as our surgeons at COSMOSURE are among the best in the field and will make sure you do not experience any unwanted reactions on your skin.

Blepharoplasty surgery in hyderabad india

Post surgery care

Need to apply ice over the eyes, if you feel any bruises or swelling. The sutures will be taken off in 5 days, and we recommend local antibiotic cream. Sun protection is an important part of the healing process. Thus, you would get an excuse for using those fashionable sunglasses that give you a classy look.


  • Restoration of corrected functioning of eyelids
  • Eliminating excess fat from eyelids
  • To make you look beautiful and younger!


You will feel a rejuvenated look on your face with reduced bags and pouches in the norm. At times, some might also feel an improvement in their eyesight with the removal excess skin. For more information, get an appointment with our doctors.