Body Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Body Hair Transplant

Hair can be transplanted from one place to another in the body. Using advanced technologies available to us, we can relocate, or transplant hair from other parts of the body, other than the scalp and such hair which is harvested can be implanted onto the crown portion/vertex of the head, or if needed it can be transplanted onto the face.

The hair which is harvested from other parts of the body other than scalp may take a little longer time to grow (12 to 15 months) but gives a good result most of the times. The body hair, that is from beard, chest, armpits, legs, calves, abdomen and pubic hair is used as filler material in cases of advanced hair loss where it is combined with FUT and FUE. At our centre, we have closely studied cases who have undergone body hair transplant alone and observed that they have grown longer than they were at the recipient site but did not grow as long as the hair from the scalp.

For many years the doctors turned away many cases of advanced androgenic alopecia and for the sole reason being deficient donor area on the scalp. In such patients body hair transplantation can be a solution as the body hair are not genetically DHT susceptible, like the hair on the scalp in patients with male pattern baldness.

In the last few years, body hair transplant was given the last preference when compared to FUT and FUE, grafter of scalp as other characteristics of body hair varied from that of the scalp hair in respect to texture, growth rate, curls, color etc. and the harvesting of thin body hair needs advanced instruments and extensive training along with experience.

Body hair usually grows to about 5 to 6 cm and the body hair transplant patient needs to understand the fact that he will need to continuously get his hair cut to equal size.

The donor area usually heals within a week’s time and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The results may not be at par with the ones with FUT and FUE of the scalp hair but can definitely make significant difference in patient with depleted scalp donor area. Not all patients can be potential people for body hair transplant but in patients who have good body hair this procedure when performed by an experienced team can be a boon as it provides unlimited and wide donor area and does not give linear scar as in case of FUT.

As this procedure needs advanced instruments experience and more operating time it definitely costs more.

The body hair which is harvested from beard grows longest among the non-scalp hair and is much thicker and has close characteristics compare to scalp hair.