Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

Having shapely breasts with a full profile is desired by all the women across the world. With the advent of technology and surgical techniques, Breast Augmentation Surgery has become one of the most sought, after other surgeries across the world. Individuals who are looking to increase their breast size surgically, can do so safely now.

At COSMOSURE clinic, we use standard silicon implants approved by USFDA, which are safe. For young women these implants can boost confidence and make you feel good about your physical appearance, and women who want to breastfeed may not worry as these implants work like normal breasts and cause no harm. A Breast Augmentation Surgery is of no harm for those who have a misconception that breast implants can cause breast cancer over time.

Different size and shapes of implants are available; surgeons will provide more information about the available sizes and desired procedures of Breast Augmentation Surgery, including a proper examination of the current breast /chest area analysis.

Using Breast Implants For Breast Augmentation surgery:

Breast implants are usually made of an outer shell and a filling material made of silicon gel or sometimes salt water. Some of these breast implants are round shaped and some are shaped more like natural breasts. Either can give excellent results. The effect of most breast implants is around teny

Post Breast Augmentation Surgery:

  • Scars are hidden, and they are not visible which makes the breasts look natural
  • Physical exercises, especially upper body exercises are not recommended for a month
  • Breast massages should be started early.

Recovery after a Breast Augmentation Surgery:

A breast augmentation surgery is a procedure carried out under general anesthesia and takes two to six weeks to recover. It is important to start walking every hour to avoid any kind if blood clotting. Excessive physical work must be avoided till you completely recover. However, you can resume your daily routine in a span of two weeks.

At COSMOSURE cosmetic surgery clinic, you can get yourself a consultation and up to the mark breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad.