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Types of Warts and Cryotherapy Treatment For Warts

April 28, 2021  

A wart is defined as an abnormal growth of noncancerous tissue with a rough surface that occurs when your skin is infected with the viruses that belong to the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. There are more than 100 kinds of HPV virus that triggers extra cell growth. They turn the outer layer of your skin thick and hard where it occurs. Mostly warts occur on your hands or feet. Warts are classified based on where it occurs and how it looks like. While warts are of different types, the type of warts mentioned below is most commonly seen. Common warts

Is Cryotherapy Good For Keloids?

April 24, 2021  

Keloids are aesthetically unsightly fibrous tissue growths that can be a major therapeutic complication due to their frequent recurrence. Although extensive treatment options are available for these scars, most of them can provide temporary relief from keloids. However, out of all, cryosurgery treatment for keloids has proven to be an effective modality offering some promising results.  Keloids are commonly formed after trauma or an injury to your skin. Keloidal scars usually grow beyond the original lesion and spread by intrusion rather than enlargement. Some treatment modalities other than Cryosurgery include intralesional steroids, laser treatment, plastic surgery, radiotherapy, topical therapies and

Common skin problems during summer – How to treat them?

April 5, 2021  

Many people have concerns about their skin in summer, and every year they change their skincare routine in summer to avoid skin problems. But the thing is, are they executing it right?  Summer often harms our skin due to the rise in temperature and humidity. This is the peak time attracting dust and other pollutants that cause itchy and crawly sensations due to excess sweating. The sun’s harmful rays and the pollutants triggered by excessive sweating lead to various skin diseases.  Dr Swapna Priya, a renowned skincare specialist, mentioned the most common skin problems in summer and their management tips