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Does Skin Tags Turn Into Cancerous Tumours?

July 15, 2020  

Skin tags are that resembles a small, soft balloon type of harmless skin growth or benign tumour. Generally, skin tags are not cancerous(malignant) and even if left untreated. In extremely rare cases, a skin tag may become cancerous. To know when they become cancerous watch out the video by Dr. Swapna Priya, Consultant dermatologist at Cosmosure Skin Clinic, Hyderabad. If you are experiencing skin tags problems consult our skin experts for a definite solution.

What Is Psoriasis And How Is It Treated?

July 14, 2020  

Skin is the largest organ in our body which is exposed out to the environment. It protects us irrespective of the climate, whether it is hot, cold or toxic. It is vulnerable to various skin conditions; most of them are acute(short) while some are chronic(long term) skin conditions. What Is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is also a chronic skin condition that is said to be caused due to autoimmune disorder. In this condition, the production of the skin cells will be rapid – the skin cells production is ten times faster than usual, which results in bumpy, red, and scaly patches on

Why The Skin Between Thighs Become Black? – Dr. Swapna Priya, Dermatologist

July 10, 2020  

Dark skin on your inner thighs can be experienced by any individual, regardless of gender and skin tone. Often people suffer from itching problems also between the upper thighs. There were a lot of reasons like tight clothing, rubbing thighs while walking or exercising etc, to appear so. For more information watch out the talk show of Dr. Swapna Priya, the best dermatologist in Hyderabad. Don’t hesitate to consult her if you have any skin problems, book consultation right away.

How To Manage Dry Skin Problems In Children? – Dr. Swapna Priya, Dermatologist

July 7, 2020  

Dry skin problems are common and more prevalent in children with seasonal changes, making it feel dry, itchy and irritated. Especially cold weather in winter and rainy season can result in severe dry skin conditions in some children. For more information watch out the video or if your children experience any skin problems consult Dr. Swapna Priya, one of the best children skin specialists in Hyderabad.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Urticaria

July 6, 2020  

Hives, medically termed as Urticaria appears on the skin as pale red itchy bumps or plaques (wheals) due to the body’s reaction to specific allergens or unknown reasons. They appear in different sizes and shapes from a few millimetres to centimetres anywhere on the body, or it might affect the entire body. Urticaria looks like common skin rashes that are triggered by many factors, including certain foods, medicines, and stress. Urticaria is symptomatic, which includes itchy, raised, red, or pale-coloured bruises on the surface of the skin. Is Urticaria Communicable? Hives or urticaria is an infectious disease. The trigger of