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Will Laser Hair Removal Cause Acne

May 25, 2019  

Most people prefer laser hair removal treatment as it is the best cosmetic surgery to get rid of unwanted hair. But, most patients complaint that facial hair removal treatment causes acne in some cases. Is it true? Continue your reading to know whether laser hair removal causing acne is a myth or a fact.                   What is Acne? What are Common Causes of Acne? Acne is an inflammatory skin condition. It occurs when the skin pores get blocked with oil and dirt for a pimple to appear. It can happen to anyone

Know The Facts And Protect Your Hair And Head From Summer Heat

May 23, 2019  

In summer your head and hair are the two parts which expose more to the sun heat. Some people can withstand the heat but to others, it can cause serious damages. Here are some useful facts discussed by Dr. Swapna Priya with Sakshi paper. Have look at them and save yourself summer heat…

Skin Whitening Treatment: How It Works, Cost And Benefits

May 15, 2019  

  Skin whitening treatments are becoming popular in today’s modern world because fair skin is considered a sign of beauty. Most individuals with birthmarks, dark patches, and other permanent pigments problems opt for skin lightening treatments to have a more uniform look.   Continue your reading to know everything you need to know about skin brightening treatments, advantages, cost and techniques.   What is Skin Whitening?   Skin whitening treatment is an attempt to lighten skin tone and to repair the damaged skin from inside. It is a procedure done to lessen the concentration of melanin in your skin. Melanin