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Sebaceous Cysts: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

June 29, 2018  

Uneven skin can be very bothersome, specially when something protrudes out of it from random places. It can be a cause of irritation and embarrassment. These lumps could be anything serious to something you need not worry about. What we are looking at are ‘sebaceous cysts’, that are not malignant but can cause a lot of trouble if not taken care of. Continue reading if you think you are suffering from these cysts. What are Sebaceous Cysts?   Sebaceous cysts are small lumps or bumps under the skin that protrude out mostly from the face, neck or torso- but are

Skin Pigmentation? Try Q-Switched Laser Treatment

June 26, 2018  

One of the first things you do after waking up is looking in the mirror. You find yourself staring at the acne spots, scars, and pigmentation patches and begin the day on notes of disappointment and inconfidence. You don’t have to go through this anymore, you can wake up feeling beautiful with just a little treatment.  We at Cosmosure promote self-worth and self-appreciation. We believe you are beautiful the way you are. We just work at enhancing your beauty. Read on to know more about how to get rid of pigmentation problems. What exactly is pigmentation? Pigmentation is basically the

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

June 20, 2018  

We all are lazy at some point. Firstly, you’re in a hurry to brush, eat, bathe, get dressed and get to work so it gets really difficult to wake up early just to shave. But it’s also been a few days and your legs look like a jungle. Shaving, plucking, waxing, all these procedures require a lot of patience and time, at times it can get really annoying as well. However the excessive growth of hair at unwanted parts sometimes reduces your confidence and overall personality. At times you feel that it would be better to have smooth and hairless

How Many Sessions For Laser Hair Removal?

June 18, 2018  

Bodily hair growth is unwanted and waxing and shaving get very irritating after a point. You generally wish for the hair to never grow again while removing them. And then laser hair removal came to the rescue. Read on to know everything about laser hair removal for unwanted hair. What is laser hair removal? Hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle is called laser hair removal.  What to keep in mind before getting a laser treatment? There are a few factors that determine the kind of laser hair removal treatment you

Dark Circles: Causes And Treatments

June 13, 2018  

Nobody likes dark circles. Not just do they steal all the thunder from your eyes, they make you look older also. Being bombarded with advice and suggestions for dark circles is the last thing you want. Dark circles don’t just make people think you are depressed or have cried yourself to sleep, they also make you feel bad about the way you look, affecting your confidence and morale. We understand this and bring to you all that you should know about dark circles and its treatments. Read on further. What causes dark circles? Dark circles can be caused due to