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Sculpting Perfect Faces

December 19, 2017  

“Hey, did you see her face?” “Yes, I did. She has an amazing jawline. I wish mine was like hers”. These sort of comparisons are one of the most commonly seen or heard. Every man or woman has that one part of their body they were not and are not happy about and in most cases, nothing that you do or say can change their mind about not feeling insecure about it.  The face of other people is what you generally see on an everyday basis and they see yours too. It is the medium of communication and the portrayal

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

December 19, 2017  

When you walk in for an interview, what is it that’s most likely to be noticed first? What is it that you are judged on? What is it that matters to you in a social circle? Think. Still wondering? Clothes? Yes. But is it only that? Your looks? Yes. More often than not, we are judged by how we look, which is why, it’s been our endeavour for long to have a perfect nose, eyes and what not. Thus, if you think you are aesthetically not upto the mark, it’s a huge deal for those of you reading this article,

Why Tumescent Liposuction Should Be Your Choice

December 10, 2017  

Your body weight is not something that you pause your life for. Being fat is factually unhealthy, and when weight loss seems like reaching the moon on a moped, a liposuction surgery comes to your rescue. In this article, we shall talk about one of the most common and minimally invasive liposuction techniques available: Tumescent Liposuction What is a tumescent liposuction surgery? Tumescent is a word derived from Greek origins, which means anything swollen and firm. A tumescent liposuction surgery involves a large volume of a very dilute local anaesthetic solution (lidocaine and epinephrine). This anaesthetic solution is injected into

We Just Turned Two!

December 6, 2017  

It’s time for some celebrations as we are turning two years old! Thank you for being a part of our wonderful journey. As a token gratitude, we are now giving 20% off on all cosmetic procedures! Come, celebrate your hidden beauty!

Should you get a neck lift done?

December 4, 2017  

What is one piece of jewellery that’s very popular? Neckpieces. One would wonder why necks are adorned so much, but there’s valid reason behind it. Our necks define our body frame. Anybody with a long neck automatically looks taller and slimmer, while anybody with a shorter neck looks stout and plump. It’s no surprise then that beauty is associated with long necks. And neck is also one of those body parts that’s considered to be the most attractive. When age crawls in, the skin sags along and neck is the first place where it appears. All the worry begins right

Types Of Rhinoplasty For A Perfect Nose!

December 4, 2017  

Your nose is important not just functionally, but is essential aesthetically, too. Besides its critical function in sensing smell and oxygenating the entire body, this little cherry on the face has always been a crucial element in human beauty. Ironically, it is said that the less prominent your nose is, the more perfect it is considered to be. Research indicates that a person’s eyes, cheeks and lips are usually the centres of attraction on a person’s face. But, if the nose happens to be oversized, even your beautiful eyes and lips will not be a saving grace. No one wants