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Pause Your Age With Non-Surgical Facelifts!

March 13, 2018  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go back in time? There would be so many things you would like to do, maybe would like to change, right? But, you wouldn’t need a time machine to make your skin look like it used to. At Cosmosure Clinics, we can pause your skin’s ageing process and make it look younger! If this sounds promising book an appointment because going back to your youth requires a certain kind of expertise and reputation, which we have. How, you might ask? Welcome, Non Surgical face lift treatments. A simple, short solution to go back

What Do You Think Is The Ideal Breast Size

March 10, 2018  

For women, the size of their breasts is of huge significance. Breasts are a part of their womanhood; breasts are an expression of their sexuality; breasts are a part of their motherhood. Naturally, women have always felt conscious about the size and shape of their breasts – always wondering it they are too small or too big or too saggy or not round enough or not symmetrical. This turmoil is over now. The globe and the internet is spammed with information on the ‘ideal breast size’ which ironically, are all very different. What you need to understand is that the

Breastfeeding With Breast Implants – Myths and Facts

March 7, 2018  

When you become a mother, there are a lot of duties which follow after giving birth. The most important one is to keep the baby nourished and healthy. Now what is the most important source of nourishment for a newborn? Breast milk. Breast milk is the ultimate source of all kinds of proteins and other nourishing factors. But what if, the mother has breast implants?  Does it change the equation totally?  Most doctors say it doesn’t. It all depends on the woman ultimately. Getting a breast implant is not bad in anyway and to take care of your inhibitions, it

Botox Treatments

February 28, 2018  

“Wrinkles do not have any place on your face!” Not everyone ages beautifully. Ageing is a natural and unavoidable process. But if you embrace it, nothing better than that. Saggy skin, wrinkles, under eye bags and so on all are the classic signs of ageing. But, what would be the most common showman for ageing? Yes, Wrinkles. Now when you see movies where there are many actors and actresses who are in their late 30’s and early 40’s who do not show the signs of ageing! That is surprising right? It actually isn’t, as these actors and actresses have gone

Glutathione For Skin Whitening – The Facts

February 24, 2018  

Skin whitening is debated. But, you are entitled to your free will and what you do with your body is your choice. Skin whitening is trendy and it’s been so for a long time now. No wonder, if you want want to whiten your skin, you will come across a number of options. It’s acceptable that all the products will puzzle you but one among them might catch your attention because it is gaining more and more popularity – Glutathione(GSH). But what is Glutathione? Is it suitable for you? Let’s read all about it! What is GSH supplement? GSH is