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How Is Forehead Reduction Done?

November 16, 2017  

We all have felt at some point in our lives that our features are not good enough. Either our lips are too big, our ears are too small and so on and so forth. Another complexity which has also been given notice is how their forehead is too big. A bigger or more noticeable forehead often can look out of proportion and result in a change in balance of facial features. Hairlines vary from person to person. Some of them have lower hairlines while some have higher up. The hairline level reflects on the size of the forehead. Hence people

Be Ready For Your New Forehead!

November 16, 2017  

“Every deed in this world requires adequate preparation without which the mere success of the deed would never be seen”. Most people all over the world are not happy with how they look. Even if someone repeatedly lets them know that they are absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with them, it is the human mind which  would eventually notice something which according to them does not look good. Everyone pays keen attention to everyone else’s body features. The face is something which is noticed primarily when we notice anyone for that matter. A lot of people have high

Whats the best Breast Implant for you

November 9, 2017  

We all fight an uphill battle to look good daily. Although the hypocritical world says it is the character not the looks that matter, deep down you (and I) know that the external beauty is as important as the internal beauty. Unfortunately, the not all of us have been endowed with the assets that we consider important. To cut to the chase, some of us don’t possess the full and round breasts that we want. Fortunately, gone are the days where we couldn’t do anything about it. Thanks to Dow Corning corporation, who invented breast implants in 1961, we can

Scar Revision: What to know about this method

November 2, 2017  

Scar Revision: What to know about this method? Scars are an unnecessary reminder of something unpleasant that has happened to us. Apart from having an impact on our looks, these scars also have an extreme psychological impact on us, too. Scars could become a reason for unwanted attention, especially those which seem prominent at first sight. Many people do not like the presence of one of their bodies and are constantly looking for solutions to get rid of it. Scars could be a result of an injury, accident or due to surgery, you had gone through recently or many years

Biotin Rich Foods For Prevention Of Hair Loss

November 2, 2017  

Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles makes us forget the important role diet plays in our lives. We sometimes skip our meals trying to keep up with our schedules, which can take a toll on our health. In order to keep up with demanding times, our bodies need to be healthy and in good shape, a balanced meal, proper rest and exercise help the body function properly. A strong and healthy immune system is essential for the body, and a stellar diet goes hand-in-hand with good health and lustrous hair. Maintaining good health can be a bit of work, but it