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Here Are Some Of The Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

March 20, 2018  

One day you wake up, brush and while brushing, you find a pimple on your cheek. What would be your first reaction? You shout? You get irritated? You panic? Most of you will do all of the above. Maybe not in a similar order, but yes the panicking, shouting and irritated feeling will be there. But, there is one thing which most of you do, which isn’t mentioned here. Immediately, pick up a cream and apply it on the pimple and wait for it go. Right? It’s wrong. Everyone’s skin is different. In the age where television and internet rules

Here Are Things You Should Not Do After A Rhinoplasty

March 16, 2018  

Your face is you most distinguished characteristic. People all over the world will know and identify you with your face, right? But the features of your face also matters when it comes to beauty and also identification. A squint eye, a slightly crooked nose, chipped teeth and so on. While these can be good for identifying a person, it is not exactly a good thing. No one likes to have these characteristics. So what can be done if you have a slightly crooked or over sized nose? When you have a nose that’s a little over sized, or if it

Pause Your Age With Non-Surgical Facelifts!

March 13, 2018  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go back in time? There would be so many things you would like to do, maybe would like to change, right? But, you wouldn’t need a time machine to make your skin look like it used to. At Cosmosure Clinics, we can pause your skin’s ageing process and make it look younger! If this sounds promising book an appointment because going back to your youth requires a certain kind of expertise and reputation, which we have. How, you might ask? Welcome, Non Surgical face lift treatments. A simple, short solution to go back

What Do You Think Is The Ideal Breast Size

March 10, 2018  

For women, the size of their breasts is of huge significance. Breasts are a part of their womanhood; breasts are an expression of their sexuality; breasts are a part of their motherhood. Naturally, women have always felt conscious about the size and shape of their breasts – always wondering it they are too small or too big or too saggy or not round enough or not symmetrical. This turmoil is over now. The globe and the internet is spammed with information on the ‘ideal breast size’ which ironically, are all very different. What you need to understand is that the