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Gynecomastia And Puberty: The Connection

February 16, 2018  

Puberty is quite a difficult phase for both girls and boys. While the changes in girls are more physical and are addressed on a more regular level, the changes in a boy’s body often stay unaddressed.  However, just because the adults don’t go all hyper over male puberty, it doesn’t make the phase any less uncomfortable for the teenage boys. For one, their bodily changes remain unexplained to them. Two, even if they get an explanation, it’s in the form of patronising from an unauthorised source like older boys, young adults etc. or misleading internet web pages.  Now on the

Laser Treatment for Psoriasis

February 8, 2018  

Living with a skin condition affects your life in so many ways. Naturally, you try to find a cure. But treating psoriasis is quite a challenge. Let’s get to know about it in a little details and explore all your options. Treatment for Psoriasis: There is no known totally effective treatment for psoriasis. But people try various home remedies. The results of those remedies are very much subjective for different people. Many people with minor psoriasis find some relief by using some topical medicines. Ointments, lotions and creams are available both as prescribed and OTC medicines. Steroids and Vitamin D3 are also

Psoriasis: Causes and Symptoms

February 3, 2018  

Diseases that show, especially skin diseases, affect you in many different levels – for one, you have to deal with the symptoms of the disease; two, you feel self-conscious; three, others just assume it to be contagious and that leads to, four, social marginalisation. Psoriasis is one such ugly disease. Even though it is not a transmittable disease, but it definitely wipes out the peace from your life by invading your skin and throwing you in a depressed state. Let’s find out what psoriasis actually is and how you can manage the symptoms. What is psoriasis? It is a chronic

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: An Overview

January 27, 2018  

Tired of visiting the beauty parlour? Has shaving your legs left ugly razor burns? Do you shudder thinking about the painful waxing process? Then you are probably on the right page. For ages, hair removal has been a necessary part of grooming, both for men and for women. The methods used over the years might have become refined, yet, have some side effect or the other. Now, however, there is a revolution in the way unwanted hair is being removed. Would you like your hair removal process to be painless? How would it be if it were to be long

Liposuction and its Types

January 25, 2018  

Nobody likes to be called fat, even though everybody loves to eat the sinfully good fatty food. Even though there are several ways to burn this fat through exercise and all that jazz, yet, what happens is, over the time, this fat gets accumulated all over your body and begins showing up when you least expect it. That’s when you intensify your workout regime: you exercise, run, jog and undergo various forms of training at the gym to get rid of the fat which is consumed. But at some point of time, all the exercises we do fall short as