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Is Liposuction The Right Way To Lose Weight?

June 23, 2017  
How many times have you heard people refer to liposuction and express their wish saying, "I want to get this extra fat sucked out of me."? A well contoured and proportionate body is what all of us want desire. But if someone is slightly on the heavier side, it becomes a thing to worry.  As a result, many of us rush into choosing instant solutions for weight loss. The obesity epidemic has led many of us to find ways to lose weight quickly and easily. We go on crash diets, GM diets, and what not! And these days with the [...]

Get Rid Of Those Scary Scars

June 21, 2017  

Our skin is an important part, or rather the most important organ of our body. It protects our internal organs from unwanted exposures and health conditions. But what happens when it gets damaged? “Scars”. Isn’t it? Scars can occur due to many medical conditions as well as injuries. Most commonly, scars are typically the result of small cuts, burns, incisions due to surgery or even acne/pimples. Scars are difficult to live with, especially if they are in the visible location on the body. These areas could be the hands or face, which is why many people are concerned about getting

alopecia universalis

June 14, 2017  

Dear Sir/Madam, I Am suffering from alopecia universalis. I heard that no treatment for this problem. Is correct ? Or is there any treatment available ? Thanks Responses:   Hello ,   Sorry for delayed response ,   their is a treatment for alopecia universalis but prognosis of individuals cannot be predicted.   for further queries   contact-+91 83310 40404

Beauty or Spotless Beauty?- An Overview on Mole Removal Treatments

May 31, 2017  

Tired of moles? Do they bother your appearance? Here’s we present a comprehensive guide to its ultimate solution… Who won’t love to have a blemish free, flawless and beautiful skin? But then are blessed with so-called ‘beauty spots’ also known as mole.  We come across compliments from people to be blessed with a natural ‘beauty spot’. But when it’s suddenly start growing, trust us they really do look awkward and unattractive, especially if they grow on the face. And then we desperately want to get rid of them! We usually ignore moles because they aren’t harmful. But it can become