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Road To Recovery, Post Mastectomy

October 25, 2017  

Road To Recovery, Post Mastectomy Everyone craves for recovery. It gives them hope for a better tomorrow where everything could be back to normal how it once was before a disease or a condition got the better of them. Mastectomy surgery is a procedure which involves surgically removing the breast tissue from the breasts of a woman to reduce the risks of getting breast cancer. The procedure of Mastectomy surgery takes around two to three hours as it is a delicate procedure. Mastectomy recovery time usually ranges between three to six weeks. Recovery from a mastectomy surgery is usually in

Mastectomy – An Overview

October 12, 2017  

Who doesn’t know Angelina Jolie? Known for her films and other social work, she is breathtakingly beautiful, with a figure to die for. But, did you know that she had both her breasts removed? No? Jolie had said in an interview that her decision of undergoing mastectomy (breast removal) was not easy but made her happy in the end. Her chances of developing breast cancer had dropped from 87% to less than 5%. Mastectomy by definition is the surgical procedure of removing one or both breasts partially or completely. Most people go through this procedure to treat themselves of breast

Tracheal Shave – Who can opt for it?

October 6, 2017  

A Tracheal Shave is not an extensive but a highly delicate procedure which involves surgically reducing the prominence of the Adam’s apple in the masculine gender. This procedure is performed as a part of the Gender Reassignment Surgery which is a part of the Gender Confirmation Process. A Tracheal Shave is most commonly done for men who want to transition to the female gender. It can also be performed with Facial Feminization Surgery especially if the jaw is included in the surgery as well. Ideally, the reduction of the size of the Adam’s apple is one of the first and

Chronic Venous Ulcers: Causes and Treatments

September 25, 2017  

If you have ever come across the word ulcer, you certainly understand that it’s very painful to begin with. On a basic level, ulcers are sores. The only difference between a sore and an ulcer, however, is the fact that ulcers are slow when it comes to healing, and can return like an unwanted visitor, multiple times, to be precise. They don’t have a particular shape or size, and it all depends on the part that has been affected. Scarily enough, ulcers can occur both inside and outside the body. One form of ulcer is the venous ulcer, found on

A Guide to Recovery after Breast Implants

September 21, 2017  

Human beings have an affinity to feel good about themselves through someone else’s eyes. For them, being how they are and how their body is, that acceptance is often lost due to various reasons. They see other people having better body structure and better features and eventually insecurities take a hike. A Breast Implant is the prosthesis which is used to change the size, shape and the outline of a woman’s breast. It basically increases or decreases the size of the breasts according to the person’s preference. In the case of surgery, a breast implant is used to cosmetically augment