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Breast Augmentation Surgery: How soon after pregnancy?

September 15, 2017  

A perfect body is what we all crave for, especially women. Even though most of us feel that beauty is only limited to facial features, the concept today is changing rapidly. We are paying a lot of attention to our figures and for women, perfectly sized breasts are important. While many are blessed with an hourglass figure naturally, some are not that well-endowed. Such women either live their lives with the fact, or go for medical procedures like cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation. Now, this is a great option. With a cosmetic surgeon chosen widely, technological advancements have made it

Hair Transplant: Basic things to avoid after surgery

September 4, 2017  
Getting ready is an important part of our daily schedule. We pick out clothes that suit the occasion, mix and match a few things and get down to fixing our hair. That’s when we notice our hairlines (receding or otherwise) and realise that age and genetic makeup have begun to take a toll on it. While for many of us, hair fall and hair loss would be more of an aesthetic issue, for many others, it could mean balding. Balding problems could happen to anyone, but is most commonly found in men. Some let the situation remain and let baldness [...]

Scalp Reconstruction: Restoring scalp, restoring confidence

September 1, 2017  

Confidence is what sets the achiever apart from the non-achiever. No matter how talented you are, what makes or breaks the deal is how confident you are at the end of the day. This much-talked about confidence might stem out of several things – from education, family background, and for many, from looks. While you are in your growing years, the confidence from looks plays a critical role. So, imagine, what a young girl must have gone through, when she had to go to school and college with a potion of her scalp without any hair. If I were to

Hair Loss: A Chronic trouble. Here’s a long-term solution

August 19, 2017  

Medication For Hair Loss Must Be Continued Lifelong What is the thing that sets apart our generation from the older ones? The fact that we lead very hectic lives? No. What characterises our generation is the fact that many of us suffer from lifestyle diseases. Now, when we talk about lifestyle diseases, we picture blood pressure and diabetes inside our heads. We aren’t wrong on that count, but are these the only ‘diseases’? No. One thing we never consider as a chronic medical condition is ‘hair loss’. Even though we worry when we see strands of our precious hair on

How many sessions do I need for permanent hair removal?

August 17, 2017  

Kolli Sowmya     2017-05-15 01:55:01 Sessions for Hair removal through laser depends on densityof hair and hormonal factors .For body hair 6 to 8 sittings are required for hair reduction .For facial hair it takes 8 to 10 sittings .In case of single hair growth with low density electrolysis would be better option over lasers.