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49 Tips To Manage Oily Skin

September 25, 2018  

Runny makeup. Acne & Pimple. Dandruff. Fashion-kill. Irritable. Photo blunder. You are aware of the troubles. So, let’s just get to it. Tips To Manage Oily Skin Wash your skin regularly. In other words, bathe. All skin experts agree that the best way to manage oily skin is to keep the oil away. Avoid irritants. Harmful chemicals of soap and creams, alcoholic toner, sunlight, pollution, harsh handling of skin – all come under the category of skin irritants. Use sunscreen or cover up your skin with additional clothing when outside. Keep your skin hydrated. Drink more water which will help

How To Deal With Black Spots

September 24, 2018  

Here’s how you can deal with black spots, Watch Dr Swapna Priya talk about the same in this video.

Skin And Viral Infections

September 20, 2018  

Did you know that viral infections can affect your skin, too. Watch Cosmosure Clinic’s Dr Swapna Priya throw some light on it.