Chin And Cheek Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

Chin And Cheek Augmentation at Cosmosure

The appearance of the face of a person is enhanced by their cheeks and chin. Genioplasty is the one-stop solution for all problems related with long chins, retrognathia and prognathism. In most of the cases, there will be addition or reduction of material to your chins.

COSMOSURE has specialists who can deal with these sorts of problems in a peculiar fashion. This Augmentation can take the form of chin height reduction or chin rounding by osteotomy, or chin augmentation using implants. This surgery will improve the aesthetics of your facial appearance to new heights.

When Should Surgery Be Done, and who are the right candidates for surgery?

  • When you want to establish proportionate facial height
  • To entail reduction of a prominent chin
  • To burn down through an intraoral labial approach or an external submental incision, the inferior cortex of the mandible
  • To make your face aesthetically pleasing


  • Anaesthesia is provided to you, either local or general based on your preference.
  • One procedure is Sliding Genioplasty; it involves mobilising a horseshoe-shaped piece of the bottom part of the chin bone by osteotomy and pushing it either backwards or forwards, finally fixing it in place with a titanium step plate using titanium screws.
  • For alloplastic augmentation, surgical approach options include a submental or an intraoral sulcus approach. A submental incision allows for other adjunctive procedures, such as cervical liposuction and effacement of platysmal banding, to be performed on it. On the other hand, an intraoral incision precludes a facial scar.
  • The bone segments can also be fixed by using 26 or 27 gauge wires.

Post Operational Measures/ Recovery

  • Patients are advised to stay on a soft diet and to rinse frequently with saline solution until the first postoperative visit.
  • Smoking and alcohol have to be avoided for 2-4 weeks both preoperatively and postoperatively.
  • You have to avoid any strenuous activity, gym workout and any contact sports for 4 weeks

Potential Risks and Complications

  • Bleeding, bruising, infection, numbness of lip or chin and swelling are the possible complications, but they are very rare occurrences.
  • The risks are rare and don’t last for long, if ever. So, be calm and enjoy your day-dreams about impressing the H.R. and rising to a position of power.
  • COSMOSURE brings forth the best possible ways to treat your chin. Consult our surgeons with an appointment.