Dark Circles Treatment in Hyderabad

Dark Circles Treatment

Dark circles are truly the worrisome problem in youngsters life. They are very common these days, and unfortunately, there is no easy solution to treat dark circles. It makes one look older and shades darker in appearance. With the progressing age, the eyes get sunk, and the skin around the eyes gets thinner.

As a result, the dark circles become more prominent and makes one look ugly.

Obvious Reasons of Dark Circles:

Before we jump to the solution to get rid of dark circles, it is important to understand what causes the dark circles.
1 . The dark circles that are present beneath the eyes are created when the capillaries in the eye area leak the red blood cells. These capillaries then release the haemoglobin after a collision with the tissue in its proximity. Haemoglobin that is iron rich degrades over the years and take the form of a yellow pigment bilirubin. They might even be present on the eyelids sometimes.
2. Besides this scientific cause, there are several other issues that trigger the appearance of the dark circles under the eyes. Some of these problems may be the lack of sleep, stress, allergies and genetics.

Cure for Dark Circles:

There have been advancements in science and clinical research. Some surgical and non-surgical methods will relieve you from the dark circles.

Non- Surgical:

Some of the non-surgical solutions for the treatment of dark circles include the use of Chemical peels or fillers/carboxy therapy that aid in the enhancement and the volume loss.


In the surgical methods, the cosmetic surgeons would improve the area under the eye by using the fat from the other body parts. The use of this method helps the skin under the eyes regain its lost lustre and radiance. The area under the eye post the treatment looks youthful by attaining its lost volume.

Sittings Required in Non-Surgical Treatments

The number of sittings needed to treat the dark circles will be variable. It would depend upon factors such as the thickness of the skin beneath the eye, amount and level of pigment deposition, etc. Usually, 5-8 sessions are sufficed.

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