Dimple Creation Surgery – The Procedure

December 23, 2017     

Dimple Creation Surgery

Most of us have that one friend who has beautiful dimples which accompanies their smile and adds to the beauty of their smile, right? We all have been jealous of those dimples at some point to such an extent that we just want to have dimples of our own.

From Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone to Shahrukh Khan, they have made you fall  in love with them thanks to their dimpled smiles. If you have ever wanted to have dimples, we bring some good news for you. Cosmetic surgery has progressed much and there is now something called a ‘dimple creation surgery’ for all fans of dimples.


Before telling how how you can get dimples, here’s something you should know. Dimples come in types. Yes! There are three types of them.

Types of Dimples:

  • Cheek Dimples
  • Chin Dimples
  • Back Dimples

Procedure of Dimple Creation Surgery:

Cheek dimple creation surgery or Dimpleplasty is a short yet delicate procedure. Even though the procedure lasts for about half an hour, it is done with a lot of care as the procedure is done on the mouth of the patient.

The surgeon first marks the area of the mouth so that the patient is aware of the of the planned dimple placement. Once the dimple creation surgery starts, the surgeon makes an opening in the mouth and works on the Buccinator muscle located inside the cheek to create a natural looking dimple.


The Buccinator muscle is the muscle which is responsible for the creation of dimples around the cheeks. So, obviously, the dimple creation surgery is focused on that area only.

Once the dimple creation surgery is done, the surgeon closes the inside of the cheek with dissolvable stitches. Most activities can be done or resumed once the procedure is over.

One of the best parts of the dimple creation surgery is that there are no scars visible as such as the procedure is done inside the mouth of the patient and also with the expertise of the surgeon performing the dimple plastic surgery, it gives an added advantage to the patient with regard to the process of recovery and measures for post procedure care.

The dimple creation surgery is a very common procedure which is done by people in India and all around the world as well. It is although delicate and must be consulted with a skilled cosmetic surgeon before going on with the surgery.

Imagine, it just takes half an hour to not be jealous of that friend with dimples!. 


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