Essential Skin And Hair Care Tips For You During This Monsoon

July 6, 2018     

Monsoon skin and hair care tips by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the best skin and hair care specialist in hyderabad

Some people feel the rain where others just get wet.

Which category do you belong to? If you are also somebody who loves rain then here is a blog that will help.

One one hand, rain brings joy and happiness but even if you feel the rain or get wet in the rain it makes you get worried over the condition of your skin and hair.

As the monsoon is fast approaching, so does the frizziness of your hair and dryness of your skin. But do not fret.

Here are few essential skin and hair care tips for you

You might have exposed yourself to the sun very much which could leave harmful effects on your skin that can add on years to your looks.

Essential Tips For Skin & Hair During Monsoon

If you do not take care of your hair properly you might lose the lustrous shine, itchy scalp, dryness, frizziness, and of course hair fall.

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Keep an umbrella with you and in case you don’t have one, please dry your hair properly if you get drenched. Rainwater is not always clean and pure. it is acidic and alkaline most of the time. In order to remove the residue of the rain, you should shampoo your hair at least twice a week so that your tresses get nourishment and can get rid of a fungal and bacterial infection. Also, make sure that you use a suitable conditioner for your hair after hair wash to avoid frizzy hair.

Try to oil your hair at least once a week, nothing is as good as hair oil massage. Try not to store all the rainwater inside your hair by tying it up, it is better to leave your tresses loose so that rainwater is not hibernating in your hair.

If you want to keep your hair waterproof then you can invest in some good quality waterproof jacket or hoodie. Use a wide comb for detangling and also eat properly.

Your long tresses might be a hassle to maintain during rainy season so it’s time for you to go short.

On the other hand when you look at your skin rainy season can lead to skin-related issues like rashes, pimples, eczema and etc. monsoon is a season during which your skin requires extra care due to the infections in the surrounding.

Skin care tips in monsoon ideas by Dr Swapna Priya, one of the best skin specialist doctor near me

Some of the tips that you can follow to for your skin are:

Make sure you wash your hands and legs with lukewarm water whenever you come back home. If you are drenched in the rain then you should switch on to dry clothes as soon as you get back home to avoid fungal infections.

Avoid bleaching and alcohol-free cleansers for your skin and applying dark lipsticks this can cause dryness to your skin and lips. Instead, you can use a good moisturizer and lip balm. A suitable moisturizer helps to avoid eczema exacerbations. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and add fat into your diet to keep your skin moist. Also exfoliate your skin once in a week which will remove all the impurities from your skin and keep you away from bacterial infection.

Following these tips would help you in keeping your hair and skin healthy and beautiful. If by chance you get problems related to your skin and hair during this monsoon you can consult the dermatologists at Cosmosure who can get rid of your worries and provide the best care for your tresses and skin.

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