Eyebrow Transplant at Cosmosure

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Thin and depleted eyebrows take off the entire look of your face. Various reasons for the cause of hair loss at the brow area include burns, ageing, stress, over plucking, applying of shoddy eyebrow pencil, thyroid disorders, and side effects of tattooing. However, hair transplantation, especially in the brow region, has been an advancement in the medical history. Today, people do not need to take the metal stress of losing hair near the brow area instead they can consult the best hair transplantation surgeon and undergo eyebrow hair transplant to gain the lost hair.

FUE technique is used in eyebrow hair transplantation. During this transplantation procedure, the hair from the nape of neck, armpit or chest area is taken and planted in the brow area. The most challenging part in this transplantation is that, as the eyebrow hair direction varies, so, it is vital to follow the natural direction of the hair while implanting by the surgeons. The technicians and surgeons have to perfectly place the hair in the correct angle and direction to give a natural looking eyebrow hairline. To carry out this transplantation surgery, the surgeons require significant experience, attention to every detail (space between the brows, thickness, and brow length), and concentration to make ample space in the recipient area. Also, this helps the hair extracted from the donor area to grow naturally with the hairline of eyebrows. Most importantly, if the patient’s eyebrows are wavy or curly, then it is vital for the surgeon to rotate the eyebrow hair as per the shape of the patient’s eyebrows. This indeed makes the eyebrows look natural. It takes a couple of hours to complete this surgery and recover the truly natural looking brows. You can notice the eyebrow regrowth after a couple of months of the surgery. The cost of this hair transplant is highly affordable and is in demand today.