Fat Grafting for Full Body Treatment in Hyderabad

Fat Grafting for Full Body at Cosmosure

Fat grafting is basically a surgical procedure of removing fat from one part of the body and transferring it to another part of the same person’s body. The surgical removal of fat is done through a liposuction and is injected into other areas of the patient’s body.

Common areas where fat grafting can be performed are, around the nasolabial folds, during a facelift, a breast reconstruction or around the reconstructed breast to make it look more smooth. Fat grafting can also be done in the cheeks to restore the volume of the face which gives a more youthful and full face appearance.

Another interesting fact is the science behind the fat cells and the stem cells. Fat cells tend to exist with stem cells. Decontamination processes usually process stem cells. Then the stem cells are transferred into multiple cryovials with a cryoprotectant solution and are frozen. The cryovials are then transferred into anti-contamination vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage system at -190°C for a long term preservation.

Fat grafting for the full body can be used for any trauma reconstruction procedures and post surgery/ treatment deformities. Fat grafting for full t can help in gaining lost self-confidence and in leading a better life.