Fue Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

FUE Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

In the FUE hair transplant method, a unique instrument, which is as fine as the tip of a pen, is used to extract follicles, one by one from the scalp donor area. Extracting out of the follicles leaves minimal scars, no cuts and no need for sutures. The fundamental difference between the Follicular unit extraction and strip method is the way the hair is being extracted.

FUE hair transplant method was introduced in the hair restoration industry in 2002, and it has only evolved ever since. Before the introduction of this method, there was only strip method used for performing hair transplantation. The strip method would leave a big scar at the back of the head. This is a major concern that makes it evident that they have undergone the hair transplantation surgery. Moreover, people do not have a chance to style or trim their hair as per their desires. However, the FUE hair transplant method leaves no scars on the client’s head. Also, this allows them to style the hair as per the trend and look different on any occasion.

COSMOSURE is the first clinic to introduce FUE hair transplant in Hyderabad in the year 2009. We have ample experience in performing surgery using this method and delivering desired hair restoration results. Many clients are happy to feel the difference before and after the surgery at our clinic. The punch of 0.8/0.9mm diameter is used by the surgeon to pull the hair from the roots without causing any damage to the scalp skin.

FUE hair transplant technique is embraced only by very few clinics in Hyderabad because there are a limited number of surgeons who are specialised in performing FUE hair transplant procedures. Moreover, to perform this surgery and reap the natural/undetectable results, the medical team should have significant experience in placing the grafts in precise angle and direction.

It is an effective treatment for the clients who want to style their hair regularly. This leaves no scars on the head and gives ample freedom for the clients to go ahead and take their favourite hairdos. FUE hair transplant in Hyderabad costs much lesser than in other cities. Although it is a bit time consuming, the results are long lasting and natural looking.

Essential prowess to perform hair transplantation surgery

Our certified and adept surgeons have ample experience in using the below techniques:

  • Hairline design
  • Recipient Sites
  • Mapping permanent donor zone.
  • Punching
  • Extraction
  • Implantation
  • Distribute the grafts across the scalp
  • Postoperative care