Glutathione For Skin Whitening – The Facts

February 24, 2018     

Glutathione For Skin Whitening

Skin whitening is debated. But, you are entitled to your free will and what you do with your body is your choice.

Skin whitening

Skin whitening is trendy and it’s been so for a long time now. No wonder, if you want want to whiten your skin, you will come across a number of options. It’s acceptable that all the products will puzzle you but one among them might catch your attention because it is gaining more and more popularity – Glutathione(GSH).

But what is Glutathione? Is it suitable for you?

Let’s read all about it!

What is GSH supplement?

GSH is one of the most important antioxidants. It is naturally available in plants, animals, and some other microorganisms. It is useful to control or even reduce the levels of melanin in your skin. (Melanin is the component that gives your skin pigmentation). Glutathione can fix the pigmentation caused to the skin tone due to imbalances of oxygen on the skin. Any medication made of GSH like pills, ointment, lotion etc are known as GSH supplement.

So, will GSH supplement work for you?

Well, the brief answer is yes.

Cosmetic result: The degree to which GSH supplement works varies depending upon your skin complexion. If you naturally have a lighter skin, it will take you less time to lighten it further. Many people see visible results within 4 weeks. However, you can expect only natural results; if  you want Barbie-white skin, you might be disappointed.

Health factor: GSH supplements are made of natural extracts. The chances of side effects are minimal unless you are particularly allergic to Glutathione. In fact, researches have shown that GSH supplements help in detoxifying your body. It also strengthens our body. So, instead of causing any harm, GSH supplements improve our vitality in addition to lightening our skin.

Duration of treatment: The duration of treatment depends on the skin colour, rate of metabolism and weight of the person. Some people can acquire desired results within one month while if you have very dark skin, you might need up to two years. It also depends on your dose of GSH supplement.

Longevity: There is nothing like ‘longevity’, as such when it comes to GSH supplement. Once you reach your desired level of skin whiteness, you will require to continue taking the GSH supplements to maintain your newly acquired skin colour.

GSH supplement over the alternatives: The best side of GSH supplement can be seen when it is put in comparison with the alternative ways of skin whitening. GSH supplements come in pills and capsules which you can swallow or in the form of topical lotions and creams. It is very low maintenance and unlike skin bleaching or other surgical procedures, it does not cause any damage to your skin.

Did you know Intravenous Glutathione can be used as a medicine too?

If you have undergone a heart bypass surgery or areundergoing hemodialysis, you can opt for Intravenous Glutathione (Glutathione injected through the veins). It will prevent anaemia and kidney problems. Intravenous Glutathione is offered as a treatment option for Parkinson’s Disease, preventing hardening of arteries, improving blood flow, diabetes, etc. Patients receiving chemotherapy can get relief from the toxic side-effects through the use of Intravenous Glutathione.

When it comes to skin lightening, the biggest advantage of Intravenous Glutathione is the fact that it’s considered much more effective than Glutathione that’s taken orally or in the form of creams. Even though superficial methods of using it do yield results, yet, opting for Intravenous Glutathione is suggested by cosmetologists all over the world as once injected, the results are rapid and much more long-lasting.

If you are considering getting an Intravenous Glutathione procedure done, do walk into Cosmosure Clinic, and we will be happy to guide you!

Infuse Glutathione in your diet

Glutathione can also be found in natural foods like papaya, garlic, onions, cabbages, broccoli, carrot, citrus fruits, mango, banana, cauliflower, cucumber etc. If you want added Glutathione in your body, you can incorporate these food items in your diet. The level of Glutathione also receives a boost with good exercise.


Looks like, you have found a good way to whiten your skin and stay healthy at the same time!


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