Gynecomastia And Puberty: The Connection

February 16, 2018     

Gynecomastia in Puberty

Puberty is quite a difficult phase for both girls and boys. While the changes in girls are more physical and are addressed on a more regular level, the changes in a boy’s body often stay unaddressed.  However, just because the adults don’t go all hyper over male puberty, it doesn’t make the phase any less uncomfortable for the teenage boys. For one, their bodily changes remain unexplained to them. Two, even if they get an explanation, it’s in the form of patronising from an unauthorised source like older boys, young adults etc. or misleading internet web pages.  Now on the top of these changes, if they notice something going ‘different’ or not as per the ‘norm’ or their ‘expectation’, it’s very much understandable that they lose their mind over it. One such issue is man boobs. While to an expert, such an instance might look very common, to a boy-turning-man, it’s a life-ruining incident. He becomes a subject of social ridicule. The humiliation and embarrassment drags his confidence down to its rock bottom. He feels like his future is doomed. But why do pubescent boys get man boobs?

What are the causes of pubertal gynecomastia? The short answer is hormonal changes. Estrogen is the female hormone and testosterone is the male hormone. All babies have both the hormones in small quantities. During puberty, the amount of both the hormones increase. Estrogen grows more in women and testosterone grows more in men. A teenage boy might get pubertal gynecomastia if the testosterone kicks in a little late than the estrogen. This condition definitely goes away by the time the boy reaches adulthood. On the other hand, overweight or obesity might cause fat to deposit around a boy’s breast area giving the appearance of man boobs. How can you fix pubertal gynecomastia? Pubertal gynecomastia generally goes away with puberty, i.e. in a couple of years. But, if you want to avoid having pubertal gynecomastia, the only thing you can do is to check your weight. This condition is seen in most obese boys. Eat a healthy diet and maintain a good fat to muscle ratio so that you do not develop man boobs. Alternatively, you can just wait it out, as you age, you will lose the extra fact in your man boobs. Ideally, a doctor will suggest you to wait at least until you are 18 years old.


When should you see a doctor?

  • Ideally, your breast buds should feel firm or rubbery. But if you feel any lump inside, you must visit the doctor immediately. Even the smallest lump might be a sign of cancer. Best, get it checked.
  • See a doctor if you are lean or underweight and still have visible breast lumps.
  • Do not take self-prescribed drugs. But, if you do and see any bodily changes after that, visit a doctor.
  • Visit a doctor if the lumps don’t dissolve even after you exit puberty.

What can you do if pubertal gynecomastia turns into gynecomastia? If you feel like your man boobs are not going away, if you have phased out of your puberty, consider visiting a doctor before feeling all gloomy. An andrologist will be able to tell you if you still have a pubertal gynecomastia or if it is a real gynecomastia.  With advancements in medical technologies, a surgical correction of gynecomastia is no longer a major issue. While it’s undeniable that it’s a complex procedure, a skilful cosmetologist can easily perform a gynecomastia surgery and give you the desired results within a month. Smaller cases of gynecomastia can also be treated with liposuction. Talk to your cosmetologist to find out which treatment will suit you the best. About 40-60% of Indian men have gynecomastia and it is no longer a stigma to go for a gynecomastia surgery but make sure that it’s gynecomastia and not pubertal gynecomastia. ABOUT COSMOSURE CLINIC ‘CosmoSure’ is a renowned a cosmetic surgery clinic in Hyderabad, which is considered to be the meeting point for science & art. Established in the year 2015, CosmoSure, cosmetic surgery clinic has been one of the most preferred cosmetic clinics in Hyderabad. All the procedures at Cosmosure clinic are a blend of a skilled & artistic touch. Our specialists are trained with in-depth knowledge of aesthetic science and symmetry to help individuals to improve their skin health.