Hair Transplant: Basic things to avoid after surgery

September 4, 2017     

After Hair Transplant Surgery
Getting ready is an important part of our daily schedule. We pick out clothes that suit the occasion, mix and match a few things and get down to fixing our hair. That’s when we notice our hairlines (receding or otherwise) and realise that age and genetic makeup have begun to take a toll on it. While for many of us, hair fall and hair loss would be more of an aesthetic issue, for many others, it could mean balding.

Balding problems could happen to anyone, but is most commonly found in men. Some let the situation remain and let baldness take over, while some take measures towards correcting the problem with a hair transplant surgery among other methods. Even though hair transplant surgeries have become very common, yet, one needs to be careful about a few things.

Choosing the right doctor is the first step. Only an experienced doctor with adequate facilities should be trusted when it comes to hair transplant. Once you’ve zeroed in on the doctor, you can be rest assured that your hair transplant will be done efficiently and effectively. However, once the procedure is over, a lot depends on you. The recovery and the effectiveness are in your hands.

You would know that hair transplant surgery is conducted by taking hair follicles from a part of the body and then transferred to the balding part.

Since this kind of treatment has proven to be successful among most patients, many remain quite open to the idea of getting one done for them. It is essential that those interested in this procedure remain committed to taking care of it post surgery, as the compliance with instructions form a critical part in the long term success of the surgery. Here are some tips on what not to do following a successful hair transplant surgery. Avoiding doing these things would immensely help with the return back to normal routine faster post surgery.

Steer clear of self medication

Even though you could ‘google’ all the medications that you help you recover well, please understand that a  dermatologist would be the best person to consult on medications one could take post surgery. Ideally, it is recommended not to indulge in self medicating methods. You may be used to self medications over time, but after a hair transplant surgery, for the benefit of your hair, it would be better to avoid and stick to those medications prescribed by your dermatologist or concerned physician.

Avoid direct sunlight exposure

Avoid Sun Radiations after hair surgery

Post surgery, you might experience swelling on the scalp and redness in many areas of the head. In order to not aggravate these conditions, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. This should be followed for at least a month after surgery and in case there is a need for you to go out, then ensure you wear a hat, or carry an umbrella to cover the area. For the redness and swelling, an ice pack could be used to reduce the tension, but it should not be placed directly over the grafted area.

Say no to junk food

Post surgery, in order to grow the hair back, you are advised to switch to a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids. For best results, you should ensure the diet is balanced, complete and completely organic. So, there should be no room for in-organic foods in your diet plan as well as spicy food.

Avoid touching the area

The grafted area should not be touched under any circumstances. Usually, a surgeon covers the grafted area consisting of hair follicles with a bandage. You might feel irritation, itching or pain in the grafted area and other parts surrounding it post surgery, which could lead to a temptation to touch or rub, but avoid doing so to prevent damage.

Abandon alcohol & tobacco (for some time)

Avoid Smoking after hair surgery

This might be the most difficult one for you, but you should you what you need to do! The flow of blood in the scalp area is essential and vital for hair growth. Smoking tobacco prevents the flow of blood in this area and hinders hair growth. Alcohol causes similar problems, as it too prevents the flow of blood towards the head. While it would be great if you could quit smoking and alcohol forever, but if you cannot do that then the least should be to avoid them for a month’s time post surgery.

Suspend rigorous physical activities

Post surgery, you must suspend all sports, exercises or outdoor activities which require continuous action at all times. Leaning your head forward or downwards would be harmful post surgery, while the head should be kept elevated.

While you sleep, make sure the body is in an upright position and especially the head remains in a comfortable position, use an additional pillow if need be, but again make sure not to scratch the scalp while you are sleeping.

Powered by a good surgeon, world-class facilities and the best practices suggested above, you will regain your lost confidence and hair with the hair transplant surgery you were so sure about. In case you have queries or you want suggestions or recommendations, you could walk into our clinic and schedule an appointment with our doctors. Remember, you need to equip yourself with knowledge before taking the big step! We, at CosmoSure will be glad to help!

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