Here Are Some Of The Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

March 20, 2018     

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

One day you wake up, brush and while brushing, you find a pimple on your cheek.

What would be your first reaction?

You shout?

You get irritated?

You panic?


Most of you will do all of the above. Maybe not in a similar order, but yes the panicking, shouting and irritated feeling will be there.

But, there is one thing which most of you do, which isn’t mentioned here. Immediately, pick up a cream and apply it on the pimple and wait for it go. Right?

It’s wrong. Everyone’s skin is different. In the age where television and internet rules our lives, you tend to believe everything you see without thinking even once, how anything you might apply on your skin, might affect it negatively.

Apply on Your Skin

Your skin might be the biggest organ in the body, but it is also one of the most delicate specially since its external and exposed to everything good and bad in the environment.

And it does not stop there, apart from the exploitation of creams, there are many ways in which you knowingly or unknowingly harm your skin.

So to protect your skin, here are some of the pointers about the things you should NOT do to your skin:

  • Most skin problems arise due to pricking and the popping of the pimples and the blemishes on the skin. Once the pimples are pricked and popped with their nails, it results in deep acne and pimple scars, which doesn’t diminish.
  • People often have skin problems because of applying extensive makeup on the face, without washing it before sleeping at night at times. If the makeup is put on the face and not washed, it makes the skin extremely dry and repeating this might result in serious damage to the skin.
  • People, often go out in the sun without applying a sunscreen Yes, tanning is good but then again it can result in serious burning of the skin, as the harmful ultraviolet rays damage the skin and is often believed to burn the skin as well.


  • One of the major skin problems is when skin exfoliation is done. Over exfoliation can lead to serious irritation on the skin.
  • Not getting enough of sleep at night, might be another cause for the skin problems. It makes a person’s skin look dull and due to insomnia, a person’s skin ages faster than normal resulting in puffiness around the eyes.
  • A popular mistake which causes a lot of skin problems, is where people do not wash their faces regularly using a medicated face wash.
  • Soaps should not be used for dry skin as it has acidic properties which are capable of making the skin extremely dry. Dryness might make the skin look rough and the pores have the tendency to continuously lose the moisture.
  • People tend to not use moisturizers, which are bad for the skin and it will eventually lead to skin problems.

Use Moisturizers for Skin

The skin is important. It covers your whole body. Hence, it is essential to take the advice and consult with an expert skin care professional. Skin problems can hamper confidence and also overshadow the beauty of a person on a cosmetic level. If that is a problem you face, visit or book an appointment with us and we aim to make your skin get back to its former glow.


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