Here’s All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

July 3, 2018     

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Getting ready to head out to the party brings in a lot of excitement, especially when it comes to the dressing up part. But the moment you realize that you haven’t waxed your legs or your underarms, you know it’s not going to be as much fun. Now, if you happen to resort to the quick-fix — that is shaving, you will have smooth legs instantly, but the moment regrowth starts, you will detest the rough skin that will follow in the days to come.

One alternate solution to avoid the rough skin is to go for waxing, but the pain and repeated efforts sort of make it look like a bad option too. In such case, you might need a permanent solution. Permanent hair removal is now a reality, thanks to laser hair removal treatment. But before jumping into conclusions you need to understand what it is. So here are the benefits and pitfalls that you need to know about laser hair removal.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

It is the procedure by which the laser light is concentrated into the hair follicles so that pigment inside the follicles absorbs the light and destroys the hair. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for hair removal but it does not happen in a single sitting, it requires time. The lasers that the doctors use will depend on the area that has to be treated and the thickness and coarseness of the hair that has to be removed. There are different methods of laser hair removal such as:

  • Ruby laser
  • Alexandrite laser
  • Diode laser
  • Nd Yag laser
  • Ultimate/Pulsed light laser

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What Are The Pros?

In laser hair removal treatment, it is not promised that you can get rid of hair forever but it will make the hair growth redundant and you can stop shaving and waxing. This treatment does not limit the area of treatment so you can get rid of the hair wherever you wanted it to. When it comes to the pain level there is a little pain but not as painful as shaving or waxing, but the doctors will numb the area before and after surgery with the help of ice.

What Are The Cons?

It isn’t instant, and it takes patience and even though it takes less than a minute to treat an area it takes several sessions to have a permanent hair removal. And when one session gets over you have to wait for six weeks for the next treatment. Now, laser hair removal is more expensive compared to the traditional methods of hair removal – but you need to understand that you have qualified doctors performing the procedure with advanced equipment in a hygienic environment.

It’s slightly complicated for dark-skinned people as the contrast between the color of skin and the color of pigment in the hair follicle allows the laser to pick up the target. If the procedure is done by an untrained person it could leave you burns and scars on your body. So, choose wisely. Laser hair removal treatment will depend also on the skill of the person who is performing the hair removal, so it is necessary that you get it done with the most efficient doctors at Cosmosure. They promise you to have the smooth skin that you have always dreamt of.

When it comes to the time factor it depends on the area, upper lip hair removal takes lesser time when compared to the hair removal on your thighs. If you are considering for hair removal then you have to prepare for the time and cost it would consume depending on the type of laser and area of laser hair removal treatment.

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