Here’s How TRI Beam Laser Toning Can Get Your Beautiful Skin Back

April 27, 2018     

Birthdays are fun, aren’t they? Cakes and gifts certainly do make growing up a happy process, but hold on, just look at your skin – birthdays mean that your skin is ageing too.

Whether you are young or old, skin problems are imminent. It’s just that as the years go by, it gets difficult for the skin to retain its ‘once upon a time’ lustre and shine.

Skin Ageing

Dry skin, acne, blisters, acne scars, fine lines and even coarse skin. All of them are the by-products of skin ageing.

What can be done?

You live a life which is always in the fast lane. There’s no time for anything but the whole imaginary race we enter unknowingly as we hit adulthood. Work, family, and other umpteen responsibilities.

Thanks to this hectic lives, you are perhaps left with minimal time to take care of your skin, which is perhaps why it loses its charm sooner than expected.

Technology has made almost everything possible these days. So in the world of beauty and aesthetics, cosmetic procedures have made its mark by being effective, productive and most importantly, fast.

Cosmetic procedures have been gaining popularity all over the world in the recent past. The film industry has a major role to play in its growth as well.

But now if you have acne, ageing skin, dark circles and so on, who can you go to? What procedure would be best for you? How would you understand what needs to be done?

Cosmetic Procedures for Skin

These are some of the questions most people usually ask.

Cosmetic Procedures for Skin

Your skin is a gateway to your outer aestheticity. Your skin looks good? Evidently you look good as well to the outside world.

In the world of cosmetics and aesthetics, the procedures done are delicate and require the expertise of skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons who with the use of cutting edge technology now have everything required to get back the lustre and shine your skin once boasted of.

How you might ask?

There are many cosmetic procedures done for the skin and on the skin but there is one such procedure which gives the most effective results in the shortest of time.

TRI Beam Laser Toning.

TRI Beam Laser Toning

Considered to be a revolutionary cosmetic procedure, TRI beam laser toning treats or corrects everything. From pores to skin acne to hyperpigmentation and so on.

There is a reason why this procedure is so effective. The secret to it is the powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser the procedure uses which smoothens the skin and reverses each and every issue your skin faces.

The laser uses the heat and light energy emitted by the laser along with carbon to vapourise the damaged layers of the skin by constantly breaking down the dark pigments which are responsible for your micropigmentation, scars, tan and other issues.

This laser apart from breaking down the dark pigments, stimulates the production of collagen in the body which in turn results in production of fresh and new skin cells.

Why is TRI Beam Laser Toning better?

Due to the cutting edge technology it uses, TRI Beam laser has proven to be a pathbreaker in skin rejuvenation by reducing anything from fine lines to wrinkles.

TRI Beam Laser Toning Treatment

The other advantages are:

  • Improving skin clarity and colour.
  • It can be used in various parts of the body
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • It is a short procedure – 20 to 30 minutes per session.
  • Pain free treatment.

So you can see how in so many ways, TRI Beam Laser Toning is beneficial for you and your skin. When it comes to cost, it varies from clinic to clinic. Visit us at Cosmosure or book an appointment where our team of cosmetic surgeons can help you get you, your skin back!

About The Clinic:

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