How To Take Care Of Your Sensitive Skin In These Summer Days

February 19, 2021     

Top Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow This Summer by Cosmosure Clinic, One of the Best Skin Care Centers in Hyderabad

The hot summer is almost here. As the season starts, your skin will begin screaming for more protection from annoying rashes, sunburns and acne.

Summer is a testing time for your skin. The scorching sun and heat are unbearable, especially for your skin. Environmental pollutants remove your skin’s natural glow, leaving it oily, dull, and blemished. Read on to find out how summer changes the quality of your skin, and what you can do to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Providing the best facial cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens and face masks, focus on the things that matter – summer fun !!

Hence, you should start the skincare game right away to avoid unwanted summer skin

problems. Let’s see how.

How does summer affect your skin?

As the weather warms up and humidity increases, the skin’s sebum glands begin to produce excess sebum (a natural oil). The secreted oil sticks to the surface of the skin, causing sticky, oily and clogged pores.

Breakthrough acne is the most common problem that occurs in summer. People with oily skin are more prone to this because bacteria and oil in the skin mix with sweat, causing clogged pores and breakouts.
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When your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, melanin production increases to protect your skin from sun damage. Melanin has photoprotective properties; excess melanin causes darker and tanned skin. Other problems can include itchy skin, prickly heat, sunburn, and sunburn rashes.

How to Take Care Of Your Sensitive Skin in these Summer days 

Wash your face to remove excess oil

In summer, oily skin can become more oily. Use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type, cleanses and removes all blemishes and dirt thoroughly. People with dry skin need a non-lathering cleanser. Choose a cleanser that is mild, alcohol-free, and pH balanced.

Include antioxidants in your skincare routine

Buy an excellent antioxidant serum during the summer. The antioxidant serum not only hydrates your skin, but it can also protect your skin from environmental damage. It helps improve collagen production and the removal of harmful free radicals and prevent skin damage. This is good advice for treating combination skin and normal to oily skin in the summer. Remember, you can include antioxidants in your skincare routine by adding them to your diet. Get citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, green tea, nuts, and seeds for younger skin.

Keep your skin hydrated.

Drink lots of water and carry a bottle of water with you. Continuously drink your bottle. It’s essential for keeping your skin hydrated, flushing out toxins from your body, and feeling refreshed on hot summer days.

Exfoliate for healthy skin
Best Face Washing Tips You Need To Know for Oily Skin by Dr. Swapna Priya, One of the best skincare specialists in Hyderabad
Use a facial scrub once a week to remove dirt and excess oil from your skin. Use only an exfoliant that suits your skin type and massage gently in a circular motion. Also, make sure to exfoliate your lips and neck.

Take sun protection care.

If you have sensitive skin, sun protection should be one of your top skincare priorities throughout the year. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more per day. When looking for sunscreen, look for one that doesn’t contain oil, which will help moisturize and soothe sensitive skin. After cleansing, gently rub it on your face and neck until it is completely absorbed.

Apart from using a wide variety of sunscreen products, the FDA recommends other sunscreen measures. This includes reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours (or immediately after swimming or sweating). Covering exposed areas with long sleeves, long pants, sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays and a wide-brimmed hat, seeking shade and limiting your sun time, mostly. during the 10-14 hours of solar rush hour

Reduce make-up

Summer means you need to lighten your make-up. Wear minimal make-up to help your skin breath better. Moisture and heat suppress the skin’s ability to breathe and push. Avoid heavy make-up on your face. Use tinted moisturizers, tinted lip balms, and organic kayaks in summer to soothe your skin.

Use a good toner

A right toner can be effective in closing open pores. The maximum number of sebum glands is located in the T-zone of the face. Use a toner made from aloe vera or cucumber because it is lighter to prevent clogging of pores and oil from the pores.

Moisturize skin

The best tips to get glowing skin in summer naturally at Cosmosure, One of the best dermatology clinics in Hyderabad

Remember that summer is a time when your skin needs moisture. Buy an excellent moisturizing mask that you will use several times a week. Wash your face first and use a mask at night to restore, rehydrate and soothe your skin. These masks can treat certain skin conditions such as dryness, acne, oil, and others. Choose the right mask and spend an extra 10 minutes, removing stress, fatigue, and blemishes from your skin.

Don’t forget your eyes, lips, and feet.

Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Use a moisturizing gel under the eyes. and SPF lip balm under the lipstick. Rub your feet to exfoliate. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer to your feet, especially if you wear open-toed sandals.

Add fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Topical application of antioxidants is not sufficient. To keep the skin glowing, you need to take care of it properly. Eating healthy is a must in summer. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They contain essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that help increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Include salads and vegetables like cucumber and lettuce in your diet – they help keep the body cool. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon; Fruit and orange juice also help maintain healthy skin.

Stay away from sugary drinks.

With sweet, carbonated drinks, you will feel sluggish due to excess sugar. Moreover, they do not add value to the body because they lack moisturizing properties. Otherwise, they will make it unhealthy and help you gain weight. So take lemon water instead of coke.

Wear breathable fabrics

Cotton is the best fabric for summer. Wear thin, loose clothing. Avoid tight clothing made of synthetic fabrics. They can worsen your symptoms and make you sweat more, making your skin itch and leading to infection.

Shower twice a day

Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow This Summer by Cosmosur clinic, best dermatologist near me Hitech city

Maintaining cleanliness is very important in the hot summer. Taking a cold shower at night before bed can help remove dirt, grime, and sweat that may have accumulated on your body during the day and help prevent rashes. Both the morning shower and the evening bath should ideally be followed by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Get enough exercise

When hot summers, sweat, and humidity keep you on the treadmill, don’t give up. While watching movies for a long time while sipping iced tea is a tempting option, exercise is just as important for maintaining healthy skin in the summer.

Physical activity improves blood circulation, which means skin cells receive more oxygen. This way, your body can quickly heal damaged tissue (such as sunburn or acne). Do you think gym workouts are consistent? Add fun to your workout and try Zumba instead. Better yet, go biking, play volleyball with your friends, or try hiking. Any form of exercise is right for your health.

Don’t reduce your rest time.

Your body needs time to restore and maintain healthy skin. No matter what schedule you follow, give yourself plenty of time to rest. This is important because the summer months are longer days, and most of us are active longer. Prolonged sun exposure also causes boredom and signs of ageing.

Getting enough sleep prevents signs of ageing, improves skin’s protective function, and generally makes you fresher and more attractive.


Yes, skin changes with the seasons. Winter brings dry weather which strips the skin of its natural moisture and causes scaly and itchy skin. Summer humidity can cause bacterial infections from sweat, clogged pores, and acne. Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter can dry out the skin at the same time. So, each season has its own specific skincare rules.

Your skin needs special attention and care in summer. With a few simple steps such as cleansing, moisturizing, maintaining hydration, and applying sunscreen, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and heat. Let Cosmosure Clinic know if our tips worked for you. For more information and better care under doctor supervision, contact Cosmosure Clinic at 040 4953 0404.