Is Cryotherapy Good For Keloids?

April 24, 2021     

Keloids are aesthetically unsightly fibrous tissue growths that can be a major therapeutic complication due to their frequent recurrence. Although extensive treatment options are available for these scars, most of them can provide temporary relief from keloids. However, out of all, cryosurgery treatment for keloids has proven to be an effective modality offering some promising results. 

Keloids are commonly formed after trauma or an injury to your skin. Keloidal scars usually grow beyond the original lesion and spread by intrusion rather than enlargement. Some treatment modalities other than Cryosurgery include intralesional steroids, laser treatment, plastic surgery, radiotherapy, topical therapies and many more. 

Out of all treatment options, cryotherapy, also called Cryosurgery, has proven to be an effective treatment procedure. It is a process of applying extreme cold to remove or destroy keloids. Cryotherapy is the chosen procedure these days because it is an effective and safest procedure and the most economical and easy-to-perform process for treating bulk and thick keloids.

The success rate of cryotherapy mostly depends on the innovative way of performing this method by the dermatologist. Having treated thousands of patients with keloids, and mostly with cryotherapy, Dr Swapna Priya, Consultant Dermatologist In Cosmosure Clinic, Hyderabad, has developed a unique way of performing cryotherapy, which makes her one of the most successful dermatologists.

Remember that cryotherapy is slightly different from other keloid treatments. It is a chosen treatment option for certain types of keloids only; the efficiency is also based on various factors such as size, area occurred, and other health conditions. So the outcome results vary from patient to patient & keloid to keloid. Dr Swapna Priya says that the decision to use cryotherapy or any other treatment modality is decided by the dermatologist or physician and solely depends on various factors mentioned above.

Cryotherapy is Dr Swapna Priya’s first choice of keloid treatment whenever possible in children, particularly earlobe keloids. The recurrence rate of keloids after removal with cryotherapy is low compared to other treatments. It depends on various factors like the keloids type, size & location of keloids, and keloids in other body areas. Typically, the family history of having this disorder might also contribute to the recurrence of keloids.

In Cryosurgery, Liquid Nitrogen is used, which is capable of delivering very low temperatures. Around 80% of our breathing air is composed of Nitrogen, an inert gas. Nitrogen’s special quality is that it doesn’t react with other elements and is also not flammable. Air and particularly Nitrogen turns into liquid form under extreme pressure. When the liquid Nitrogen evaporates, it exhibits -196 Celsius temperature, extreme cold conditions.

With the help of this extreme cold condition, liquid Nitrogen can freeze the keloids and eventually destroy the keloid tissue. For example, almost all earlobe keloids can be destroyed or removed successfully with cryotherapy. The recurrence rate is also very low when implemented correctly by an experienced doctor. With proper cryotherapy, bulk and thick keloids located on other parts of your body can also be eliminated successfully. 

The employment of cryotherapy for keloids is an art. Keloids don’t have any unique shape; they are shapeless. While freezing the keloids, it is important to pay attention to keloids’ shape, location, and dimensions. Every patient has unique keloid anatomy, and it might be challenging to apply cryotherapy. So dermatologists approach with a solid treatment plan for every patient.

Some people think that applying cryotherapy to a keloid means just simply spraying liquid Nitrogen on the keloid with the help of a liquid nitrogen spray gun. Dr Swapna Priya, the best dermatologist for cryotherapy, says that it is a wrong assumption. If any physician or dermatologist does that, then cryotherapy will be highly ineffective.  

If a spray gun is used to apply liquid Nitrogen, the keloid surface may appear frozen, but the keloid tissue deep inside remains and reappears shortly. This treatment doesn’t deliver promising results and results in pain and discomfort for the patient post-procedure. However, the treatment approach of Dr Swapna Priya for keloids with cryotherapy is unique and innovative. She freezes the keloid tissue deep inside to prevent the recurrence of keloids. 

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