Mega-Liposuction Surgery in Hyderabad

Mega Liposuction at Cosmosure

Extracting more than 5 litres of fat in a single sitting is considered as Mega Liposuction. With a good infrastructure and under the supervision of the doctor, up to 10 litres of fat can be extracted in a single sitting based on targeted skin zone.

COSMOSURE is having experienced doctors who dealt many such cases and produced 100% results with the skill and concentration.


  • Better shape in no time
  • Increased motivation levels to maintain the shape
  • Results in positive and healthy life style
  • Liposuction procedure is not an option for weight reduction; but it is used to define a desired body shape with surgical implementation. After successful procedure implementation, patients have to maintain strict diet and attend regular exercise sessions.

Safety aspects:

  • Liposuction will only remove the fat under the skin and doesn’t harm internal organ at any point of time and also doesn’t have side effects
  • Procedures have to be performed under General Anesthesia, to provide maximum comfort to the patient and doctor
  • These procedures needs to be undergone with well-equipped hospitals
  • Post-surgery, minor discomforts like bruises, swelling and soreness is observed but they are temporary.

Improved Results:

No internal damages are caused as tiny cannulas are used.
Irrespective of the instruments used, ultimately doctor’s skill is the deciding factor for positive outcome.
If you are looking for Mega Liposuction Surgery, then you should approach COSMOSURE for best results without any side effects.