Moustache Hair transplant in Hyderabad

Moustache Hair transplant

Nowadays, many people are evincing interest in undergoing Moustache hair transplant to implant the hair on beard or moustache. In fact, today moustache is considered to be the status symbol and gives a bold look for men. Usually, lack of hair on the beard area would be due to various reasons such as hereditary, surgical scars, burns, etc.

FUE technique is used for transplanting Moustache. In this technique, the hair from the donor area (back of the scalp) or beard, is extracted with the roots while maintaining evenness to ensure that the donor area remains undetectable.

No individual can detect that you have gone under the knife for transplanting moustache. Your moustache looks very natural and stylish. The complete transplantation procedure is carried under local anaesthesia that, you stay pain-free during transplantation. Though you may notice swelling at the moustache area, but it subsides in a couple of days. You can see the natural growing hair on your moustache after a month and can shape the beard as per the trend. A single sitting is enough to gain your moustache hair and attain satisfying results. The cost for this treatment totally relies on the size of the area you have to undergo for transplantation.