PRP Teatment in Hyderabad India

PRP Treatment

The face is the trademark of a person’s beauty and must be maintained properly to look youthful. However, growing age may make you look older with fine lines over the face, age spots, and wrinkles too. Many people accept these changes with increasing age while others try hard to prevent these changes by non-surgical or surgical methods.

New techniques of cosmetic surgery made this ageing problem disappear. These techniques can rejuvenate your face thoroughly to give you a youthful appearance.

PRP Treatment is popularly known as the “Vampire Facelift”, nicknamed by a celebrity, Kim Kardashian, who underwent a PRP Treatment for face and has experienced amazing results.

PRP Treatment for the face is a procedure that has been in use with high demand and success for years, for treatments that heal many types of skin problems. It is now becoming the treatment of choice for women, to improve the appearance of their skin and avoid wrinkles, scars, dark under eye circles, and even sun damage.

prp treatment in hyderabad india

What is Vampire Facelift (PRP Treatment)?

Vampire Facelift has been come up for people wanting non-surgical improvement of the face. The process involves a combination of fillers of Hyaluronic Acid for adding volume to meet and simultaneously adding growth factors from patient’s blood.

PRP Treatment is an organic treatment which uses plasma taken from the patient’s blood, in place of injecting fillers into the body. The possibility of any side effects is nonexistent with PRP treatment, as the body practically does not reject blood.

How is PRP Treatment done?

The doctors collect few millilitres of patient’s blood using sterile technique. The platelets are then isolated from the blood using cold centrifuge method. These extracted platelets are then activated to release the growth factors, which heals the injured tissue.

You can clearly see a glow in the face after the rejuvenation process. The effects last for a year and require proper maintenance of skin.


A PRP Treatment may not be very effective for the people having noticeable age changes. These people can have surgical facelift treatments as the only option.

PRP Treatment in Hyderabad:

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