Psoriasis: Skin Care Dos And Don’ts

March 5, 2020     

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If you struggle with psoriasis, now is the time to implement an effective plan. First, make an appointment with a specialist who offers dermatological services. Then decide what action to take to control your symptoms.

If you live with psoriasis, you may already know how frustrating and challenging it is to deal with the disease. Symptoms such as itchy and scaly skin can affect your ability to do daily activities, affect your emotional health, and affect your quality of life.

The good news: there are ways to make life easier with psoriasis. The following article provides the list of dos and don’ts, and you should practice controlling your psoriasis. The ultimate goal is to find out what works best for me and my psoriasis so far this year.

Psoriasis Dos:

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  • Talk to a dermatologist: Make an appointment with a dermatologist who specializes in treating psoriasis. A doctor will inform you of the latest developments in the treatment plan. Be prepared to discuss the details of your condition with a doctor, including:
    • When you first found out about it
    • Your symptoms
    • Any situation that seems to make your symptoms worse
    • What treatments have been taken in the past, and how it worked
  • Use a moisturizer: Using a moisturizer is an essential part of psoriasis treatment, regardless of the type of medication you are using as your primary therapy. Excessive peeling and drying, flaky, and itching of the skin can be taken care with moisturizers.
  • Take A bath regularly: Bathing in a warm (not hot) for 10 minutes can help loosen the scale, reduce the itching and inflammation caused by psoriasis. Adding sea salt, oatmeal, bath oil, or bath gel containing coal tar to the water can further calm and moisturize your skin. If you live or vacation in an area that has mineral or salt baths, immerse yourself in them. Both are related to psoriasis relief.
  • Get the sun rays: Psoriatic lesions often diminish when exposed to ultraviolet light. UVB, light penetrates the skin explicitly and slows the growth of affected skin cells. Although sunbathing is scary for most people because of the risk of skin cancer, it can benefit people with psoriasis. The trick is to ensure that only the area affected by psoriasis is exposed.

Cover whole skin with clothing or sunscreen with sun protection factors for at least 30SPF. Limit sun exposure to 15 minutes and take care to avoid sunburn, which only worsens the situation. It may take several weeks for the result to appear.

  • Use sunscreen: remember to protect healthy broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 15 sun-protective factors. Apply sunscreen freely and reapply every two hours or more if you swim or sweat.
  • Follow the right diet: Psoriasis, it’s not a nutritional disorder. However, it should be noted that some unhealthy foods can affect your overall health, especially your psoriasis. Harmful elimination of fatty foods, dairy products, processed foods, and flavorful foods can contribute to the treatment of psoriasis symptoms. Foods that are rich in omega-3s, such as flaxseeds, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and nuts, are beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis.
  • Cover psoriasis affected area overnight: Apply an ointment based moisturizer to your skin to decrease redness and scaling and wrap it in a plastic wrap overnight. Open the cover in the morning and wash the scales with a shower.

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Psoriasis Don’ts:

  • Do not exaggerate: The best way to deal with psoriasis is to do it carefully. Avoid the temptation to scratch or clean the lesion because it will irritate them and make them worse. Try not to pick at a scale that can cause bleeding and increase the risk of infection. Instead, talk to a doctor about creams and ointments that can be used to remove thick scales easily. Bathing in very hot water or using an abrasive can also cause your symptoms to flare up.
  • Do not stress: Some people with psoriasis say that their condition worsens when they are stressed. Avoid stressful situations when you can and take additional action to look after yourself, e.g. Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. When you can’t avoid stress, relaxation, meditation, and other stress management techniques can help.
  • Don’t ignore flare-ups: Psoriasis is a lifelong disease that tends to increase. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. If your psoriasis recurs after the control period, schedule a visit to a doctor to find out why and decide what can be done for treatment.
  • Don’t skip your daily shower: Bathing every day helps to remove debris and soothe sore skin. Add bath oil, colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt and let it soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Avoid psoriasis triggers if possible: Find out which triggers can worsen your psoriasis and take action to prevent it. Infection, skin injury, stress, smoking and intense sun exposure can make psoriasis worse.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol: Drinking alcohol can affect the effectiveness of some psoriasis treatments.
  • Avoid hot water and harsh soaps: This can make symptoms worse. Use warm water and mild soap that is added with oil and fat.


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Do not give up, one of the most troublesome things in treating psoriasis is that something that works well for one person might not work for another person at all. It may take time to find the right therapy or the best combination of therapies for you. Be patient and don’t give up. It’s important to follow your treatment plan every day even though your symptoms aren’t that bad. With psoriasis, treatment works slowly and steadily.

Now you know dos and don’ts for psoriasis, you must follow all of it to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis effectively. Regardless of whether you try these tips or only choose the one you want to focus on, there is no wrong way to move forward. Being aware of your choices and selecting tips to help you feel better is the best way to get through the winter psoriasis. No matter how big or small the changes look.

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