Shape up with a tummy tuck

April 26, 2017     

Shape up with a tummy tuck

Shape matters to all of us. Doesn’t it? For most of us who are conscious about loose and flabby skin especially in the abdomen area, we have something to talk about…

What to do when the skin loses its elasticity? What does it feel like, to hide that extra skin under compression garments? These are possible questions that may strike our minds while facing these problems.

Here’s something you can read if you need a solution to unwanted skin flabs… To begin with, we must know what causes these problems…

Ageing and pregnancy are the most popular reasons for loss of elasticity in the skin. The muscles in the face, arms and abdomen are the ones that majorly become weak, causing unattractive & loose skin. Massive weight loss is another factor that contributes in the weakening of the muscles.

The option that is easy to grab is a tummy tuck. Many women opt for an abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck surgery to achieve a firmer and more youthful figure, especially after pregnancy.

 tummy tuck surgery

What is a tummy tuck surgery?

Although abdominoplasty is not a weight reduction surgery, it involves removing extra fat & skin from your abdominal wall. The surgery involves also tightening the muscles of the abdomen. People choose tummy tuck surgery when crash diets, regular workout and other fat reduction techniques fail to burn out stubborn fat deposits, fat tissues and cells.

A tummy tuck procedure is a proven treatment which can be customised as per the patient’s needs and goals. There are various types of tummy tuck surgeries, and each one is designed to target specific areas or problems of the body.

Are you the right candidate to get a tummy tuck surgery done?

You must qualify certain tests and criteria to get a tummy tuck surgery done. Following are a few points to be considered while making your choice:

  • The candidate must be healthy
  • Must not be excessively heavy
  • The person must have loose & drooping skin pockets around the abdomen area
  • The person must commit to maintaining results with a proper diet and regular workout

What to avoid:

  • Smoking
  • Having any serious medical conditions that require a surgery
  • Planning a pregnancy

The three most popular types of tummy tucks… Which one is right for you?

popular types of tummy tucks

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck can also be termed as ‘scarless tummy tuck’. With a small cut right above the pubic area, a mini tummy tuck involves removal of a very limited amount of fat. The cut is usually about  4-8 inches in size.

Recovering from a mini tummy tuck can vary from patient to patient, but avoiding intense physical activity and medication, you can resume our daily activities in less than a week.

Full Tummy Tuck

This procedure is mostly done under general anaesthesia. One incision is done below the navel. The second incision is made around the belly buttock. The stubborn fat deposits and excess skin are removed, and the muscles are tightened. The skin is then sutured with absorbable sutures.

Extended Tummy Tuck

People who have a greater amount of loose, sagging skin on their abdomen, hips, and on the sides of the lower back. The extended tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and fat deposits from a wider area than the typical procedure can. An extended tummy tuck surgery is the best option for massive weight loss patients.

While the tummy tuck techniques that we’ve discussed above are the most popular procedures among all fat reduction treatments, there are other options available too…

An ‘endoscopic tummy tuck’ is a minimally invasive procedure. It involves a small incision and removes the least amount of fat deposits. A ‘circumferential tummy tuck’ involves an incision that extends around the waistline. With technological advances, there are also treatments that do not require surgery. Laser fat reduction treatments are the latest treatments available.

So all those women who have just had babies, can have the advantage of getting themselves back in shape with our tummy tuck procedures. At Cosmosure clinic, our plastic and cosmetic surgeons aim to provide natural results and improve confidence in you.

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