Skin Care Regimen To Follow In Your 20’s

August 9, 2018     

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When you are in your 20s, you become more aware of everything, This is the phase when you are more mature, transcending to a phase where you will have to think about a lot of things. Your skin is one of them. Your 20s reflect all the problems your skin went through during your adolescence – the aftermath of your pimples and acne show through, making you more conscious of your skin.

This is also the stage when your skin might start show signs of ageing (minor ones, don’t panic), especially towards the later half of your 20s. It’s essential, therefore, to have a skin regime that will help you sport a skin that’s young and healthy, even as you age. This blog explains all that you need to practice in your 20’s for a healthy skin later in your life.

Why Should You Take Your Skin Seriously In The 20s?

It is important to understand that the skin starts losing its elasticity in your mid 20’s, and every individual has his/her own skin requirements, which is why one must do what one must to retain a healthy glowing skin. While the internet bombards you with contradictory information, it is important to see a professional dermatologist or cosmetologist to understand what your skin requires and how should it be maintained. For starters, these are a few basic things you must practice to have a healthy skin.

Drink more water for Skin Glowness, best skin specialist near me

WATER: Consuming sufficient amounts of water detoxifies your body of impurities, and avoids the recurrence of pimples and acnes. Also, it is advisable to splash fresh cold running water on your face to keep it clean and hydrated. It should be noted that overdoing face-wash can dehydrate your skin, which is why you must consult with your doctor or practise face wash according to the skin requirement.

CLEANSING: Cleansing your face, first thing and the morning and last thing before going to bed should be a mandatory ritual, so that your face gets to breathe well, and its pores are not blocked with dust particles or cosmetics.

EXFOLIATING: Exfoliating at least twice a week should be made a habit, because it is important to rid your skin of the dead skin. And also it stimulates circulation of blood in the cheeks.

MOISTURIZING: Keeping the skin moisturized helps keeping the skin hydrated and healthy, slowing the process of skin aging.

PROTECTION FROM SUN: The UV rays are more harmful than you think they are for your skin. Protect your skin from the sun rays to avoid sun burns and pigmentation issues.

REMOVING MAKEUP: It is important to let your skin breathe, whenever it is possible. Applying makeup requires blocking the pores of  your epidermis, causing accumulation of dust particles and oil, resulting in breakouts.

CHOICE OF COSMETICS: It is important to choose the correct cosmetic for your skin. Everybody has a different level of sensitivity towards products, it is essential to pick what suits your skin type to avoid damage.

CHOICE OF COSMETIC SERVICES: Your beautician will not be able to guide you about the kind of products you should use or the what your skin condition requires. It is important to see a professional with expertise, in matters of skin. How to Choosing a Best Skin Care Doctor in hyderabad,dermatology clinic near me

We, at CosmoSure, run a thorough examination to understand the details of your skin, what suits it and what would be harmful for it. We have treatment plans for all kinds of skin related problems.

We wish for our patients and readers to not just look youthful but also feel youthful, which is why our treatments don’t just cater to the physical needs but also try and create a change in the system of the body, for it to reflect in your appearance.

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