Stem Cell Therapy in Hyderabad

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are potential weapons to fight numerous medical ailments. Stem cells are the earlier cells in a life cycle of the living tissues which have not yet differentiated to form a particular type of tissue. This means that they have the capability to form many cell types after the differentiation process. So in simple words- they form muscle tissue when placed inside muscles and bone tissue if placed inside the bone. By harvesting these stem cells, we have now the capability to make them differentiate into the cell type we want by placing them in the tissue of our concern.

Ongoing research reveals that stem cells are a boon for the future of medical science. The applications of stem cell therapy are innumerable, and it is impossible to present all the possibilities on this platform. Stem cells are isolated in distinct life phases and preserved for the future usage. Embryonic stem cells or adipose tissue stem cells are preferred for the medical ailments.