Strip Hair Transplantation Method in Hyderabad

Hair Strip Method

In this cost-effective surgical hair transplantation method, the surgeon removes the strip of skin from the back of the scalp and the donor area is sutured.

The tissue is slivered into smaller units and the technicians divide them into follicular units. Each follicular unit contains one to four strands of hair, and on an average, each follicular unit has 2.2 hairs. They are preserved in a special solution at an appropriate temperature until the surgeons complete the preparation of recipient area of the scalp. The follicles are planted meticulously in the thinning or bald area.

There are a few tips you need to embrace to achieve great hair restoration results during the surgery. Few of them include:

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  • Careful extraction of hair from the donor area
  • Proper dissection of the hair from the follicular unit
  • Proper storage of the donor hair follicles
  • Give attention to details, such as placing the hair in the right angle, direction of growth, and proper arrangement
  • Design the hairline naturally and in an undetectable manner
  • Meticulous placement of grafts on the donor area using appropriate techniques to elude unnatural look
  • Take proper care after the surgery

However, the surgeons have to give proper attention while dissecting the follicular unit, since any mistake made in dissecting would ruin the entire surgery. Moreover, the final outcome would be based on the hair dissection. When the narrow strip is extracted in this method, it is dissected into slivers and these slivers are then dissected into follicular units or grafts. The dissection has to be done by the doctor who has significant experience in dissecting to elude wastage of grafts. Subsequently, these grafts should be harvested in the donor areas without worrying about its damage. Placing the grafts precisely and in the right direction would promote healthy hair growth.

Despite just explaining the hair transplantation procedure that a client will undergo, we also show the results in each stage of the treatment that gives a clear picture to the clients at the end and make them visualize their appearance after the surgery.