Thigh Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

Thigh Lift surgery in hyderabad india

Thigh Lift Surgery is for patients who have excess skin at their thigh and buttock area. Excess skin and saggy skin is because, patient has lost weight or age factor. For those people who lost weight, this surgery will give a good feeling of gaining something that they lost.

Thigh Lift Surgery Is Recommended for:

  • Individuals who has lost lot of weight
  • Individual who are conscious about lower body appearance
  • Individuals having shaggy skin because of age factor

Thigh Lift Surgery – The Procedure:

  • Procedure is implemented under General Anesthesia
  • Surgeon will examine the current structure and advise appropriate thigh lift procedures
  • For inner thigh lifting, only small scars are made to implement the procedure
  • For entire thigh lift, surgeon will examine the current structure and plan for longer incisions

Outcome of A Thigh Lift Surgery:

  • Firmer lower body appearance with better contours
  • Overall attractive appearance

Post Thigh Lift Surgery Recovery:

  • Patient has to wear a garment which aids in natural shrinking and also helps in tightening the skin.
  • For smaller thigh lifts, minimal discomfort is observed but they are controlled with prescribed pain killers.
  • For Larger thigh lifts, day or two night observation is needed where patients is monitored and if needed pain killers and necessary medication is provided to subside the pain.
  • Patient will be able to plan and join strenuous activities in about 6 weeks and overall it takes 4 to 6 months for full recovery.

Post Thigh Lift Surgery:

  • Patients will be expected to stay back on first night.
  • Swelling and bruises will cause minimal discomfort.


  • Patients are advised not to indulge in driving and working for 2 weeks
  • For next 4 weeks, patients are not supposed to exercise
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