Thread Lift: Advantages And Disadvantages

August 28, 2018     

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As kids, you would not have been able to wait to grow up, but once that happens, you realise that there’s no reversing it. With age also comes ageing, and that ’s not something most of you are comfortable with. The years you’ve lived for soon begins to take form on your skin, leaving it wrinkled, crinkled and a sad shadow of what it used to be in your youth.

In short, it’s a timestamp of your age.

As a result, many people are always on the lookout for procedures or processes that could rid them of the problems age brings. As you age, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. To reduce the effects, medical science has, over the year have introduced many ways to correct these problems that age bring to one’s face, and one of the most prominent among them is the thread lift procedure.

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What is a Thread Lift?

The thread lift procedure is designed in a way it ends the flabbiness age brings to the face. Suitable for both men and women, thread lift is such a procedure that does not need the patient to be hospitalised or spend more time recovering in the facility after the process, while on the other hand, it is not even costly and painful like many other procedures that are available to solve the same problems.

The primary objective of the procedure is to rejuvenate the internal tissues of the skin, which becomes possible after correcting flabbiness using tension threads. The most attractive part of the procedure being able to solve ageing related problems, but without any incisions or biocompatible materials while doing so.

Approximately 10-20 threads are inserted using a needle-thin cannula, which is then passed through the subcutaneous tissue. When they are removed, the thread tends to stretch itself, resulting in more elastic and youthful skin for the patient.

While this procedure has produced progressive results over the years of its evolution and practice, with many patients going home with a happy face, it could be said that there are mixed results of the same. Like any other procedure, it is essential for patients to consider all aspects of this process, the advantages and the disadvantages.

Advantages of thread lift. 

  • Rejuvenates the skin, making it look more firm and rested
  • A more defined facial contour
  • Helps in achieving a more youthful look without needing scarring or even general anaesthesia.
  • A viable alternative to a total facelift and much more on the affordable side. Thread lift solves a wide range of problems caused due to ageing.

While the procedure is a highly effective one for people between ages 25-45, who could use this to eliminate some early signs of ageing they might have been experiencing. On the other hand, people in the late 50’s and 60’s could also opt for the same to reduce the sagging and wrinkles they might have developed due to their age; Thread lift does have its benefits in helping people achieve the objective to hide age and continue to look better.

However, like every procedure or medical process, advantages always have the other side in disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thread Lift treatments,best dermatologist near me

Some of the disadvantages of importance include –

  • You might have slight discomfort on the face
  • There could be very negligible numbness too.

However, if you get the procedure done through a reputed cosmetic surgeon like the ones at Cosmosure, you needn’t be worried about any complications or  disadvantages, as our state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch surgeons will ensure that right from your consultation, to your recovery, everything is executed properly.

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