Top 10 Myths and Facts About Skin Whitening Treatment

September 26, 2019     

Best Skin Whitening treatment in Hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, skin specialist doctor near me

Every man and woman wants to look beautiful, and younger forever, but the skin is not the same for everyone. Some people have dark skin; others are bright. In a conservative society, many people are obsessed with the desire for white colour, both for themselves and their partners. Such traditions motivate patients to want bright and white skin colour and undergo skin whitening treatment.

Our ancestors in Indians used some natural exotic ingredients such as Caesar, sandalwood, lime, milk, etc. to lighten skin naturally.

At present, we don’t have the time or patience to prepare these face packs and creams, and we cannot wait for days for the results. Skin whitening is a sophisticated method for reducing the melanin pigment in the skin, resulting in whiter skin. In general, people with darker skin tones prefer the skin lightening procedure. The amount of melanin determines a person’s skin colour. People with dark skin have more melanin. The amount of human melanin skin depends mainly on genetic factors.

Today, most people prefer laser skin lightening because of its benefits such as faster processing, better precision, no skin damage, long-term results and quick recovery. Several types of lasers are used for skin lightening. However, the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser is used mainly to achieve the desired clinical results without damaging the surface. Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser Bleaching is also used to treat skin problems such as freckles, age spots, scars, birthmarks, pimples and blemishes.

Before we begin this article, we want to say that skin colour is not part of your beauty. Here in this blog, Cosmosure Clinic will discuss some myths and facts about skin whitening treatment for men and women, that will help you determine whether this procedure is right for you or not.

Myth: Skin Whitening treatments is like same as Skin bleaching

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Fact: That’s completely wrong. Bleaching treatment is not at all, like skin whitening treatment. The bleaching treatment only aims to change the colour of the skin and facial hair, whereas the whitening of the skin is a treatment that is more advanced and treats deeper than skin bleaching treatment. Skin lightening treatment is carried out by a certified dermatologist. Skin lightening is the process of repairing skin tone and restoring the original youthful glow. It is also a treatment that is less dangerous and more effective than bleaching.

Myth: Without whitening the surrounding skin, we can’t lighten dark spots:

Dark Spots Removal Treatment in Hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, the best female dermatologist near me

Fact: Currently, skin lightening is done with a sophisticated Q-switched Nd: YAG laser technique. This process targets melanin overproduction explicitly by disrupting the production chain. Q-switched Nd: YAG laser skin lightening is very effective at removing dark spots. This lasers have the most accurate precision ratio and never damage the surrounding skin. Thanks to the advanced laser skin whitening technique, by using them, a dermatologist can carefully remove even the most stubborn dark spots without affecting the surrounding skin.

Myth: More side effects with Skin Whitening treatments

best skin whitening treatment in hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, best skin specialist near me

Fact: No, that is not true. Every dermatologist carefully examines a patient’s skin problems before starting the procedure, understanding the skin type, and checking the patient’s family history of skin conditions. Next, the doctor will choose the most suitable method to whiten the skin. Doctors regularly monitor patients progress and change treatment options if side effects occur. Q-Switch Nd: YAG laser skin lightening treatment is considered as the most sophisticated, free of side effects and safer. In most cases, a doctor will choose a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser to avoid severe skin reactions. Skin lightening treatment has no life-threatening side effects.

Myth: Treatment to whiten the skin is only suitable for black people

Fact: People of all races can be given skin lightening treatment to achieve fairer or more even complexion. Skin lightening treatments are not limited to those with darker skin tones. Light-skinned people will also be given skin lightening to look younger because this treatment can reduce blemishes or age spots on the skin. Skin whitening treatments also have anti-ageing benefits.

Myth: Drinking More Water Results In skin Whitening

best skin lightening treatment in hyderabad, Best Skin care clinic near me

Fact: Drinking excess water does not help. Inadequate water consumption can seriously affect the functioning of your internal organs and your entire body. You need to drink enough water to improve your body’s function and make your skin healthy. However, you must remember that drinking excess water will not benefit your skin.

Myth: Natural medicines are safer for skin whitening because they don’t contain chemicals

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Fact: Most natural medications contain many unknown or clinically not approved substances. Several scientists work to research, evaluate and clinically proven potential new compounds for medical use. Only some chemicals undergo a strict scientific test before being released carefully for human use. In India, it is common to use many other unscientific medicines. These medicines, which are considered safe, harmless and natural, often consist of unknown chemicals. That do not go through rigorous testing and leave severe doubts about their effectiveness and safety.

Myth: Expose to Lasers cause radiation

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Fact: The laser is safe because it uses light and harmless ionizing radiation. Regular sunlight contains more radiation that causes cancer than most modern medical lasers.

Myth: Laser Can Cause Burns.

Fact: All modern lasers use the theory of selective photo thermolysis. It means that the laser beam acts like magic bullets and specifically seeks and destroys only its targeted area. For example, lasers that use green light are only absorbed by the red colour in blood vessels. In this way, the abnormal blood vessels in the moles are damaged very safely. As with any technology, side effects can occur, but the risk of burning is minimal with the right laser in the hands of an expert doctor.

Myth: Lasers cause cancer.

Fact: Laser treatments are used for removing skin cancer and other cancers. Laser light does not contain wavelengths that cause cancer.

Myth: Treatments for All-Laser Are The Same.

Fact: No two laser machines are precisely the same. Also, no two laser experts are precisely the same. For optimal results, the laser machine must be reliable. More importantly, a doctor has not only in-depth knowledge of human skin. They must also have a stable knowledge of laser physics and using laser equipment.


One should not blindly believe in the myth of skin whitening treatment, but turn to a certified dermatologist and follow the instructions to achieve the desired results. Although laser skin lightening looks tempting because it is effective and fast, we must consider the best dermatologist with these treatments. It’s essential to consult with a well-known and trusted dermatologist and discuss the pros and cons with them before continuing and making a decision.

I hope you find this article about skin lightening informative and exciting! If you now want to get rid of tanned skin, dark skin and appear with a uniform skin tone, make an appointment at the nearest Cosmosure Clinic. Talk to our skin experts today to find the safest and most effective skin lightening treatment for you!

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