Tracheal Shave – Who can opt for it?

October 6, 2017     

Tracheal Shave to Freedom

A Tracheal Shave is not an extensive but a highly delicate procedure which involves surgically reducing the prominence of the Adam’s apple in the masculine gender. This procedure is performed as a part of the Gender Reassignment Surgery which is a part of the Gender Confirmation Process.

A Tracheal Shave is most commonly done for men who want to transition to the female gender. It can also be performed with Facial Feminization Surgery especially if the jaw is included in the surgery as well.

Tracheal Shave

Ideally, the reduction of the size of the Adam’s apple is one of the first and general surgeries done by men who want to transition. Since that part of the jaw is one of the most distinguished male sexual trait, it is the first step a person takes for the transition from male to female.

It is a short procedure, but highly precise and can make a person appear perceptibly female. It is easier to perform this surgery on people who are in the age group of 10-20 years of age as post that, the part of the jaw becomes fully developed and hard hence making it difficult to operate on.

Tracheal Shave after Surgery

There are quite a lot of risks involved in the surgical procedure which can happen while in surgery and post surgery as well.

There are a number of side effects as well which can affect the person undergoing the surgery on a mental level. Lower voice pitch, hoarseness of voice, scarring are among the unwanted side effects which can be noticed in the patient post the surgery, which are reported by the surgeons. Hence, singers, performers, models and people bombarded with paparazzi are often in a fix whether or not to undergo the surgery. They want a transition to embrace their inclination towards the female gender but it may affect their career or profession in a big way.

Often there are some cases which mention that due to the extensive scarring which is a result of the surgery, men who have transitioned to the female gender have not been accepted by fellow transgender or even the female gender.

Since transgender is still a negative term for many countries and even more people, it becomes difficult for people to undergo this surgery in expectations of acceptance from the society. Hence, people who have accepted their sexual origin and as well as the transition have undergone this surgery.

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