Treatment Options For Tummy Tuck – Choose yours and look amazing!

August 1, 2017     

Treatment Options for Timmy Tuck

A well contoured physique is what everyone desires for. But the thought of surgical procedures is a worry. Experts at Cosmosure Clinic help you make the right choice…

Many of us are familiar with tummy tuck and its capabilities. Getting rid of excess fat for men and women can be a bit challenging. Sometimes working out and making changes in diet doesn’t really solve the problem due to many reasons.

A tummy tuck can help in refining the body’s shape and help give the patient their desired look. The procedure removes the excess fat around the abdomen while tightening the skin which makes the abdomen flatter in appearance. This standard procedure is chosen by many globally in getting rid of stubborn fat around the abdomen.

A glance through different types of tummy tuck procedures… You can choose what suits you best!


Tummy Tuck Options


  1. The Mini Tummy Tuck: The name literally reflects in the procedure, this scar-less tummy tuck removes a small portion of skin around the belly. Mini tummy tuck is used for patients with a little belly fat , which is not reduced through diet or exercise after many efforts. The following procedure is suitable for healthy and fit patients which can get rid of their stubborn belly fat to regain their slender physique.


  1. The Standard Tummy Tuck: Traditional tummy tuck procedure is ideal for men and women who are physically healthy and have a sizeable amount of loose skin around the abdomen. There are many patients who have lost a great deal of weight, or patients post pregnancy, opt for this procedure to gain their desired look.


  1. The Extended Tummy Tuck: This procedure is used to remove a large amount of drooping skin from the abdomen, hips and the sides of the lower back. An extended tummy tuck is helpful for patients with excess fat in these areas.


  1. Laser Tummy Tuck:  A moderate amount of fat under the abdomens skin and loose skin is removed and tightened with the help of a laser.


Non- Surgical Tummy Tuck


  1. Non- Surgical Tummy Tuck: In this non- surgical procedure the skin is tightened with the help of devices Thermage or Radiofrequency energy. 10-20% of skin is tightened through this procedure.


  1. Endoscopic Tummy Tuck: This tummy tuck is performed to remove the least amount of skin and leaves the patient with very minute scarring.


  1. Circumferential Tummy Tuck: The procedure covers the entire area of the waistline and removes excess fat.


Who chooses a Tummy Tuck?

Many people opt for a tummy tuck after having children, after they have lost weight or due to other weight affiliated reasons.

The most common are:

  • Loose excess skin after weight loss

  • People who can’t get rid of belly fat after trying everything from exercising and diets

  • To lose flab around the lower area of the region after pregnancy

  • A pouch which develops in the lower area of the abdomen after a C section

It is very important to know that tummy tuck isn’t a weight loss solution and there are specific health requirements, which need to be met before a tummy tuck.


before Tummy Tuck


A fit candidate for a Tummy Tuck should:


  • The patient should be in good health

  • Should have excess weight around the stomach

  • Someone who has droopy skin around the abdomen


Things NOT TO DO before a tummy tuck procedure:


  • Smoke

  • A serious medical condition which can compromise the procedure

  • Planning on becoming pregnant

  • Planning to lose a significant amount of weight

  • Who is pressurised by someone to undergo the surgery


A good candidate for a tummy tuck is generally an adult who isn’t too far from their ideal body weight. It is important for anyone who is considering a tummy tuck to speak to their surgeon about their medical history as well as post- operative care to avoid any complications.


The results of a tummy tuck can last for many years it also depends on how well the body is taken care of post- surgery. A consultation with your surgeon will help you understand, which type of tummy tuck is required to help you gain the best results.


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