Unwanted Hairs! Know How To Get a Hair Free Skin?

May 27, 2017     

Skin Care before and after Laser Treatments

Are you wondering how to go about skin care before and after laser treatments? Here’s what you must read to know what to do and what not to… 

Life has become quite hectic with globalized lifestyle and attitudes. The result calls for people choosing new ways to reduce work and save time. Let’s look at the most common thing most women are usually tired of… Unwanted body and facial hair!

Bleaching, threading and waxing have been standard options ever since. But of late with the tiring schedules, we feel lazy. Don’t we? We don’t want to go through painful hair pulls with waxing and threading. So what’s the next alternative?

‘Laser hair removal treatments’

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser treatments have become a popular choice among women, who possibly don’t find time for traditional hair removal techniques. It takes at least 2-6 sittings for most people. Over a period the hair regrowth reduces drastically. The hair eventually becomes much lighter in colour and thinner than before.

Though laser treatments are highly effective in reducing unwanted hair growth, they do have certain risks too. These risks may lead to severities if they are left unattended on time. So to avoid falling under a risk with laser treatments, here we have listed a few precautions for before and after a laser hair removal procedure.

Before the treatment

  • The area to be treated should be shaved clean before the laser is done.
  • Any ultraviolet exposure must be avoided at least a week before the laser treatment.
  • Wash the area that is going to be treated and make sure excess oil is removed before the procedure is performed.
  • Avoid tanning of the body area you are getting treated.
  • Clients who are planning for a laser hair removal must stop waxing, tweezing and chemical epilations 3 weeks before the procedure.
  • Skin numbing creams or cooling gels must be applied to the area that needs to be treated 30-40 minutes before the treatment.
  • Do not get any chemical peels, exfoliating treatments and injectable fillers a fortnight before the laser treatment.

After the treatment

  • Avoid ultraviolet exposure after the treatment for a week.
  • Use good sunscreens with UVA/UVB SPF 30, that best suits your skin.
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment if the skin starts cracking.
  • Do not puncture any blisters if they occur after the laser treatment.
  • Avoid getting any chemical peels and or injectable fillers 15 days after the laser treatment.
  • Exfoliate the areas where the treatment has been done, to reduce in-growth of new hair that grows.
  • Avoid getting any chemical peels and injectable fillers 15 days after the laser treatment.

A little bit of care is always better to avoid severe risks. These tips might help you be cautious with the pre-planning and the post-treatment care. However, laser hair removal treatments are completely harmless and the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair. The results have made most people feel relaxed and free from worry… You can feel free too!

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