Want To Fit Into our Old Jeans? Try Tummy Tuck.

April 9, 2018     

There are several people who might have a wardrobe full of clothes, but are might not be able to wear most of them. Have you wondered why?

That’s because their tummy shows through and they feel uncomfortable.

If you can relate with this situation, then maybe even you are going through the same. If an hourglass figure is what you desire, then we at Cosmosure are here to deliver what you want.

While losing weight will definitely help lose a portion of the tummy, yet, it might leave flabby skin around your the area. That’s  one of the reasons why it’s best to consult doctors who are qualified to help you get back in shape, leaving clinical results.

So, are you already wondering how surgeons help achieve your dream shape? Through a procedure called ‘tummy tuck’.

So, what does a tummy tuck do to get you back in shape?
A tummy tuck is a small surgery that involves removing excess fat and flabby skin and tightens the muscles, making the abdominal area firm. A tummy tuck is clinically called an abdominoplasty. It is a minimally-invasive surgery, and does not have any side effects post the surgery.

When should you consider a tummy tuck surgery?
There are quite a few reasons that might make you a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Check out the points below, if you relate to any of these you can have go ahead with a consultation and get yourself a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck

  • You’ve had a delivery that has left you with stretch marks and flabby skin.
  • You aren’t able to get rid of the loose skin with exercise and diets.
  • If you’ve had a massive weight loss, which has resulted in an unattractive flabby abdomen.

If you think you do require a surgery to reshape your body contour, yet are in a fix as to what kind of surgery will best suit you, here’s what you can read up. You can further ask your surgeon for more details before getting a tummy tuck done.

Different types of tummy tuck surgeries a a glance
Mini tummy tuck – This is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves a small incision to remove stubborn fat from areas that don’t respond well to weight loss exercises. The surgery is a day care procedure and requires very minimal down time. So, you can have a great shape in less time.

Laser tummy tuck – A laser tummy tuck uses high frequency light beams that penetrate into the body, making an attempt to melt down the excess fat and stimulating the muscles to become firm in the abdominal areas. Lasers stimulate the production of collagen which helps you get back that slender look.

Extended tummy tuck – This is a relatively tougher surgery that is used to remove excess skin and fat around the hips and the lower back.

Standard tummy tuck – A standard tummy tuck is generally opted by many women post pregnancy. However, it is also a great option for men and anyone who have had massive weight loss.

Circumferential tummy tuck – A circumferential tummy tuck involves removing excess fat from the entire waist line starting from the front to the sides and the back.

Endoscopic tummy tuck – This type of a tummy tuck is performed for people who have stubborn fat in very few areas. It might leave you with minor scarring which usually fades away over a period.

Pregnancy And Tummy Tuck: Everything You Should Know

Pregnancy And Tummy Tuck
Pregnancy involves the change of the shape of the belly. While many women get back into shape post delivery, yet many are left with a permanently bigger one. So, if you are a woman and you are in the stage of planning a family, you would have a few questions and concerns. Read on to clarify those doubts.

  1. The first possible question you might have is how long after your delivery can you get a tummy tuck. Well, that again depends on how much you’re out of shape. However, if your belly sags you must ideally wait for 6-12 months after your delivery.
  2. The second most important thing that you might want to know is if you can go ahead with a 2nd pregnancy after a tummy tuck. This is something that you have to make a choice because you might want to have a long gap after your first child. It is best to have it done after your second pregnancy to have a lasting effect, and keep your belly from sagging again.

The above doubts might have cleared your doubts about tummy tucks for women on the family way. However, you can get in touch with us and consult our cosmetic surgeons if you have more questions to ask.

So, are you ready for a tummy tuck?
Being ready for a tummy tuck surgery involves not just your decision to get it done, but also your general health. You should be ready if:

  1. Your overall health is good.
  2. If you have flabby or loose skin.
  3. If the fat around your abdomen and hips is stubborn causing you unpleasantness and physical difficulty.

A belly bulge that’s making you unhappy about your appearance, is not completely sorted. You have all the information to help you make the right choices. Having a word with your doctor plays the main role, because you’re now sure of what you need to do to help your surgeon give to a great shape that you’ve desired for. Checking all your previous medical records and vitals can help you prepare yourself for the surgery. If there is anything more that you’d like to know about, we’re here to help you with all of it. So feel free to write to us or just walk in.


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