What Are Your Options For Treating Moles?

July 17, 2018     

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It is not the best feeling to have big black spots on your body, especially when they are the protruding kind. Generally known as moles, some people have just one or two while others might have a lot of them, even on the face, causing them a lot of embarrassment and all kinds of questions. While it is very common to have these moles, people don’t usually know what causes them or what are their kinds and even if they can be removed. Let’s find out the options for treating moles if it is absolutely necessary.

Firstly, what are moles?

Brown or black growths on the skin are known as the nevus. They are generally called moles in layman’s terms. When the skin cells known as melanocytes that are responsible for producing melanin in our skin, grow in clusters rather than individually, moles start to appear. Many moles are congenital while others darken with increased exposure to the sun by the age of 25. People of a lighter complexion tend to have more moles due to less production of melanin in their skin.Treatment procedure for Moles in hyderabad, best skin specialist near me

It is alright to have 10 to 40 moles by adulthood.

What are the types of moles?

  • Common: You will be able to recognize common moles because they have distinct edges, a smooth, dome-like surface, and pigmentation, they are usually 5-6 mm large.
  • Atypical/dysplastic: These moles usually have fuzzy or blurry borders, vary in color, generally bigger than the usual moles that can be protruding out or not.
  • Congenital: Congenital moles appear at birth or within the first year of your baby’s life.
  • Acquired: the moles that appear during childhood and adulthood are acquired moles.

While moles are generally common and harmless, if any uncommon symptoms are noticed, they might be signs of skin disease or even cancer.

How would you know that the moles are harmless?

  • When they have neat edges
  • If they are smooth or dome-shaped
  • Their size is around ¼ inch (6 mm) in diameter
  • If they preserve the same shape, size or color over time

What are the signs of moles being harmful?

  • A change in size, shape, color
  • A loss of symmetry
  • Itchiness, pain or bleeding, even forming a scab
  • Inflammation
  • A change in elevation- thickening or raising of a flat mole

What are the potential treatments for moles?Best Doctor for Moles in Hyderabad,cosmetic dermatology near me

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons have additional and specialized training in cosmetic skin-growth removal that can be used to treat unwanted moles. There are a few invasive and non-invasive procedures that can be used to remove moles, they are,

  • Shave excision: The moles that are raised above the skin surface are shaved down to recover.
  • The punch biopsy technique: This procedure is used for smaller skin moles, A special device is used to punch out a cylinder-shaped piece of skin for the mole to be removed.
  • Excisional Surgery: this procedure involves cutting out the whole mole and closing the wound with sutures.
  • Laser Mole Removal: While not recommended for moles that are protruding out of the skin surface, the procedure can prove effective for the moles that do not rise and are brown or black in colour. The procedure might require more than one session.

We at Cosmosure do a thorough check-up of the growth on your skin before finalizing a treatment plan for you. We talk you through the surgery so that you are able to make an informed decision. If a serious problem is diagnosed, we will make ensure immediate attention to your condition.

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