one stop solution for all cosmetic medical and surgical related problems
sreenivasa gnaneswar ganji

Best Place for Hair treatment
Bharath Nandam

Excellent treatment, satisfied with the results, highly recommend it!
Kailash Rao

Right place to get your skin n hair problems solved
Srikanth Reddy

shashank varma

Very Good Treatment
krishna marneedi

A wonderful place where you can get effective results for each rupee paid and also lot more of care and concern towards your problem

Effective treatment, trust worthy doctors!
Santosh Kumar

A well established setup with skilled professionals, advanced versions and good hospitality
Sirisha Reddy

REnuka rao

Latest equipments and experienced doctors who take utmost care for patients.
Radhika Rao

Excellent Doctor 100% treatment.
Sangeetha Kulkarni

A well maintained hospital with efficient doctors and junior staff to take care
Akash Reddy Kancharla

Best place to treat ur skin problems..all services including cosmetic surgery laser treatments available at one hour place
Chaitanya Priya

Very well maintained clinic…excellent services by doctors and a very courteous staff.

I am so happy that this doctors real nice persons
Shaik javeed Javeed

I have undergone ACNE treatment in Cosmosure clinic, excellent treatment & Services are offered in affordable prices.
sharvani k

A full fledged set up to deal with all d problems of ur skin n hair. The doctors r highly qualified n well trained in their speciality with advanced procedures.the ambience n supporting staff r delightful.should be the first choice to get rid of ur problems
Swetha Gulabi

Excellent doctors, treatment went really smooth and very satisfied. Supportive staff, I highly recommend this clinic.
Juhi Karamchandani

I have undergone tissue expansion Surgery at cosmosure Dr. venkatesh Babu had explain about the surgery very clearly , excellent treatment and services are offered in the clinic. Very much satisfied with my result. I recommend this clinic to everyone. This the best clinic for cosmetic surgery..
rani chelluboina

Doctor is very professional and passionate about helping patients.
vinodnaidu lingampalli

I had undergone Liposuction surgery at Cosmosure, very much satisfied with my result, doctor and the entire team. Dr. Venkatesh explained all the details about the surgery very clearly.Now i am happy with my new clothes.
Ram Charan

The doctors here are highly experienced and treat with ease. Very comforting and trust worthy. I recommend this clinic to everyone.
Jayshree Adupa

I had treatment with skin problem at Cosmosure. Dr. P Swapna Priya explained the details about the problem very clearly with excellent treatment and she will listen to our problems with very patently. Very much satisfied with my result
Ravi Teja Mygapula

Perfect clinic to get rid of your skin issues. I must say that Dr. Swapna Priya has treated my acne so well. She treat her patients very professionally but also has a soft corner for everyone.
Thank you Dr. 🙂
sushma kumar

Cosmosure is one of the best dermatology and plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad. Treatment procedure was really good and take care of patients well .
G Naveen

Excellent and Experienced Doctors for all kinds of skin problem and hair problems.I had skin treatment at Cosmosure .Dr.Swapna Priya explained all the details and treated very well.Highly recommended.
Nandini Biswal

Doctor is very kind and you can get better medication here.
Kethana VenkatRamaiah

It’s a great experience to be in cosmosure. Staff and doctors are very friendly and they make sure to explain your problem in details and it’s feasible solutions. They made me very comfortable with all the procedures!
Thank u Dr. Swapna , Maya and Joythi for getting my PRP session easier and comfortable.
Must recommend a clinic for any skin or hair problems.
B Monica

Pretty neat place to fix any skin problems!
Ritesh Dhumal

I suffered with skin problem, now iam very happy got good treatment. Problem solved
chaithanya marri

Hay Am Karishma, I visited cosmosure in the month of July. I had a scare on my forehead, my left hand and a tattoo on my back. I want to get raid of all of them. Then Dr. Venkatesh Did a surgery on my forehead and then later Dr. Swapna did laser treatment.
I must say I saw a wounder happened. Am so much happy with the results.
Thank you so much. You guys are best at your work.
All I had to do was been patient and it’s worth it
Karishma Chowdhary

I’m doing my face laser treatment for facial hair with Dr.swapna priya & the result was very good my hair became very light and Cosmosure clinic staff & dr.swapna priya was really nice ppl the way they receiving client was awesome
Ashok Prasad

I came for face treatment as I got many pimples with blankness.first i visited many places for the treatment but there was no change.i lost all my hopes and totally worried about my self.Then i heard Dr Swapna priya name, so i thought of visiting her.I thought it may takes many months to recover.But it was almost recovered in 2 months.i thought of years , but because of her it was recovered with in 2 months.Now i am very very happy and thanks for the support from Dr swapna priya and staff.Dr swapna priya gaaru really thanks andi for listening my queries and problems with patience and for ur treatment.identifying of skin type and giving the treatment is very knowgebl.Now i m able to do the things very with more happiness because of u.
vani budda

I got steroid induced on my face, and went to few hospitals to check, everyone told me it’ll take 6 months to cure. then one of my colleague suggested me to go to Dr. Swapna Priya. And she treated amazing and i got rid of effectiveness from Steroid within a month and still continuing the treatment. Dr. Swapna Priya is such a brilliant doctor and with friendly nature.
Rekha Parvathala

Nice care. Humble doctors. Good infrastructure
Avinash Reddy

Dr P Swapna Priya One of the best Doctors,
I have consulted mam , for getting treatment done for viral warts , just with sessions of injections I got my treatment done , Now I am happy that I don’t have any warts, treatment was simple with proper and on target medicine, and causing No disturbance to daily routine , as other doctor suggested to undergo with electrocautery (to cut and remove). Thank you mam for your good treatment 😊
Venkat Srinivas Reddy

A very good hospital and excellent doctor who suggests need based medicines and not unnecessary medicines. Also Courteous staff who is quick to response.
Ashish Kulkarni

Experienced and efficient doctors. Unlike some clinics which would want to fleece your pockets for procedures (necessary or unnecessary). They suggest a treatment only if its really needed and can produce the desired results. Kudos to the team for running a clinic in the most professional way…
Krishnamala C.K

I was with Dr Swapana Priya and I had very good experience. She is not only a professional doctor but also very friendly by nature.
She treats her patients with lot of patience and provides best support and help to get cured.
Overall i would say she is the best skin specialist I had met in recent times.
Thanks to Swapana Priya 🙂
Maganti Amala

Great experience! I had a face lift and an under eye filler. Doctors were focused on the progress and the communication was really good until I reached the look I was looking for. Will definitely be back for follow up and retouch.
Iman Stunning

I got chicken pox and I literally found more than 40 spots on my face and I consulted Dr. Swapna priya and the medications prescribed by her did a magic… Within 2 months all those spots are covered and my face is spot free.. Thanks a lot Dr.Swapna priya.
Rukmini Karri

I was consulting Dr. Swapna Priya from last one year. She is very cooperative and listen to patients properly. Accordingly she gives good suggestions and medications. She helped me for curing my acne and scars. I’m so thankful to her.
Archana Sahoo

Swapna Priya madam treated me to get cure from psoriasis. Before getting treated here I met so many dermatologists. Recommended for all skin care problems.
bhuvan ravuri

Dr Swapna Priya , is really a good doctor, she will explain you the problem from its roots and make u understand about it. very friendly nature person and kind towards the patients
Raja Ganesh

I have been coming here since October 2016, as always my experience has been very good.
Dr. Swapana Priya who I started consulting regarding a scalp condition is very pleasant, highly knowledgeable, friendly, gentle and nice person. And of course she does a good job and so professional. She patiently listens to me when I am explaining her my concerns and aptly replies with a positive outcome,She diagnosed my condition and prescribed medication which has helped me in controlling the condition and keep it on check. My sincere thanks to her.
Chakravarthi Mudugu

Dr. Swapna Priya is a lady who would overhaul and revamp any skin related issues and prescribes the best medication for fast healing.
One should definitely consult her for any major or minor skin related issues for faster healing.
Madhuri Minnu

I have no words for dr Swapna Priya , she made me feel so comfortable for my first laser session till the last I was at ease after getting my first successful laser session being done , she’s like the most genuine doctor I have come across who’d just recommend things which you need no unnecessary treatments, I recommend her to all of my friends and family, be it any skin issue she’s the answer to all of your questions, I’ve found my best dermatologist for lifetime , have you all ?
zainab zoya

Dr.swapna priya madam treated well since you are the patient in need of help. good atmosphere for patients…
pappu ashok

I am a patient of suffering from Airborne contact dermatitis and I have been taking treatment at Care hospitals Banjara Hills under the care of Dr Swapna Priya, Dermatologist who is giving medicine and also referred me to Mahaveer hospital for allergy treatment. The Allergy Clinic in the Mahaveer Hospital has conducted Allergy tests and prescribed injections, the treatment called “immunotherapy” .Now
I am under the supervision of Dr Swapna Priya
and under the allergy specialists of Mahaveer Hospital.
After great persuasion of Dr Swapna Priya, I have been allowed to get treatment at Allergy Clinic, the only clinic available in the Mahaveer
Hospital in the entire Telugu states. Many people from all the corners of Telangana and A.P come for the allergy treatment and undergoing immunotherapy.
Now, skin allergy has been come down and under control after taking treatment that is medicines prescribed by Dr Swapna Priya and immunotherapy recommended by Allergy Clinic.
I express my sincere thanks to Dr Swapna Priya for her best efforts taken for the curing of my disease.
Thanking you Madam.
RamaSankar Dadhirao

At the very outset I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Swapna Priya for the excellent treatment for me. I was suffering from acne and scars on my face due to my oily skin and on top of it my recent chicken pox made the situation worse. Initially I was bit skeptical about my treatment as I visited for the first time to cosmosure. But I found the Dr to be very nice and cordial and she diagnosed my problem with every minute details. Then she prescribed the medicine. During my medication the skin dried up and felt like the situation is worsening. So I visited again, but this was part of the treatment and the doctor advised not to worry and continue with the medication which I did. But to my very surprise the results were outstanding towards the end of one month. I could feel the visible difference on my face. Many thanks Dr Swapna.(•‿•)
truptimayee sahoo

I was suffering from watts problem from past 2 years, i was having lot of watts on beard area almost more than 20. Recently 2 months back i i was told about Dr. Swapna priya, DERMATOLOGIST CARE BANJARA.
She gave me word that the problem will be resolved in 2-3 sessions.
I went for 2 sessions only, all the watts got vanished like a magic. No reactions, no side effects, no spots, neat and clean face.
Thank you thanks a lot madam (Dr. Swapna Priya). Today almost 15 times i saw my face in mirror, coz from past 2years i never tried to see my face in mirror, it use to give me a lot of pain, seeing my face like that.
Now, i am so happy that i can’t even
Sri B

I’m really appreciate what you are doing. And lot of thanks for treatment.
I hope everyone have skin problems go to Dr.swapna priya with full sure u will get best treatment

One of the best doctor I meet
She is so down to earth so humble..
In love with the doctor and service..❤
Nousheen Fatima

I have been taking treatment with Swapna Garu and would recommend every one to give a consideration if you are on the go of visiting a dermatologist. She is passionate and above all a good human. Always takes care of me like a family member and supports me through my skin problem. She instantly gets connected with her clients, understands their issues and extends her hospitality to make us comfortable.
venkateswarlu Gone
Dr swapana Priya madem is good doctor and treatment is very good
NagaHarika Gutta

Best place to visit and the atmosphere is friendly. Treatment is affordable. Friendly receiving
K Uday

i had my scar revision treatment done here.i can see improvement of my scars now…Dr.venkatesh and Dr.swapna priya are awesome…very soft spoken and takes time to listen to patient’s concern….thankyou cosmosure
pravalika Arakoti

I’ve visited a lot of dermatologist in Hyderabad. But Dr.Swapna Priya is the best in town. She is very patient and understands the issue and recommends what is necessary only. Not at all commercial.
I’ve been visiting her since one year and my skin has completely changed. It’s also best place for laser hair reduction. With reasonable rates and good results.
Thank you Dr. Swapna Priya. All Thanks to you for my healthy skin 🙂
Shasha B

After visiting quite a number of dermatologist and after quite a few treatments with no evident Results, I have been referred Dr.Swapna Priya with first treatment I could see improvements, She is very Efficient and dose only suggest what is really required.
I recommend Dr.Swapna Priya and Cosmosure Clinic for reasonable pricing and as Professional care with any skin and hair related issues.
Abhinav Vadiyala

I have been writing this review on behalf of my Mom who is being currently treated under the care of Dr.Swapna Priya Mam.My mom has been suffering from pigmentation over face from quite a long time and after seeing the doctor in an interview,decided to visit her.Dr.Swapna mam is quite efficient and listens to all the problems very patiently.Along with the doc,even the staff is courteous and makes a cordial environment to deal with.My Mom is definitely happy with progress in her skin and would like to thank Mam for her treatment.
Kaushik Medari

Highly recommend Doctor Sania Riaz at Cosmo Sure..fantastic doctor, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
Good environment and very friendly staff as well.
Thank You
sai kiran gutta

Highly recommend Doctor Sania Riaz at Cosmo Sure.. very knowledgeable, very friendly and professional doctor.Highly recommend Doctor Sania Riaz at Cosmo Sure.. very knowledgeable, very friendly and professional doctor.
Good environment and very friendly staff.
My Hair fall problem got resolved & I’m seeing baby hair also.
Thank You Sania Garu.
kalpana d

Best specialist of skin problems as She has done my nail treatment .my all problems solved there.I am blessed by her treatment.Rating her strongly with five stars.
Shubham Kumar

I happened to go to this clinic recently (was made to wait for a while) and the way Dr Sania Riaz diagnosed my condition of skin infection was really appreciating thing and she really suggested me with good medication. After a week when I again had a follow up she told what and how the medication (this time 90% of my skin infection was gone) should be in a meticulous manner. Her interaction was very friendly, absolute professional and very knowledgeable Doctor. I thank her for the treatment.
I highly recommend others to consult her in any skin related problems.
God Bless.
Anand P Yalawar

She is just an amazing doctor. Once upon a time I was thinking that my face got worsen because of severe acne which was not in control and I won’t look beautiful anymore. But she made it.. and now my skin is very clear and I am not getting any acne. Best dermatologist I have ever seen.. Hatsoff to her.
Thank you so much mam !
I have shared some photos of my face when I was getting acne and the skin I have now to show the difference. Everyone should have a look on my photos to see the actual result.
Priyanka sahu

Doctor is very experienced. She identified my skin problem very easily and gave remedy
Unat Gamer

If you are facing any pimples and scars related problem then don’t have to worry just visit here ,you will be provided for permanent solution
Suryansh Shukla

I got great help in acne removal and clear skin which no other doctor could do. She is having a too good knowledge of hair fall problem as well.I loved her way of explaining everything and she had done my treatment so nicely.I loved this skin clinic.
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Thanks a lot Dr Swapna Priya for getting rid of my excessive pimple and scars problem.I am very happy to consult and will definitely visit whenever your treatment required
nil Gupta

I went to her for my acne and excessive pimples treatment and she really lived up to my expectations. I got perfect result and my problem solved totally.Thanks a lot Dr Swapna Priya.
Gary Holland

I started getting my treatment done from Dr. Swapna Priya in November 2019 that went on till February. I had acne and acne scars all over my face for the last 12 years, I had used every medicine possible but nothing worked for me the way medicines and treatment prescribed by Dr. Swapna did. I could see the difference after one month from the day my treatment started. I couldn’t continue the treatment due to covid but I haven’t had a single acne since the last 8 months which is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Cosmosure if you’re going through any skin related issues.
Bipasha Sarkar

I am from Hyderabad, settled in Singapore. Had been looking for HTP for few years, did a fair bit of research met specialists in US, Singapore but decided to go with Hyderabad. Met ‘top’ transplant specialists in the city in person zeroed in with HairSure after meeting Dr Ravi.
HairSure[Cosmosure] is established and has a good team which is very important for this type of procedures. Their positive perspective while balancing the reality (results) gave me confidence.Today it’s one month post HTP and I am happy to say I was right trusting them.
Thank you Dr. Ravi, Dr Praveen, Dr Shashikanth & the whole team.
RV Daily

I have been taking online treatment with Swapna Garu and would recommend every one to give a consideration if you are on the go of visiting a dermatologist. She is passionate and above all a good human. Always takes care of me like a family member and supports me through my skin problem. She instantly gets connected with her clients, understands their issues and extends her hospitality to make us comfortable
I recommend best doctor 🙏
Ganesh Erelli

Very Good

Very Good

Very Good
ayesha Ziya

Visited For Skin Treatment
I recommend the doctor
Happy with: Doctor friendliness Explanation of the health issue Treatment satisfaction Value for money
She patiently listened to our problem with friendly nature . Her assurance works and my skin conditions improved over time.
Ravi Teja

Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment
I recommend the doctor
Happy with: Doctor friendlin
Doctor was very friendly and find out my problem very easily n she give ****medicine for me for immediate relaxation.

I recommend the doctor
She is very gentle and patiently listens to our problems. Her assurance works and my skin conditions improved over time.
Soumya Rao

I recommend the doctor
Happy with: Doctor friendliness Explanation of the health issue Treatment satisfaction Value for money
I had discussed the problem which I am facing. she is cool and good enough to understand my problem with so much patience and she is vigilant about my health, and gave me good advice to prevent my problems . Thank you doctor
Shobhan Nalamasa

I recommend the doctor
She is very patient and very caring. Iam a pemphigus vulgaris patient very rare skin disease I consulted 4 senior most doctors but no improvement even lesions increased but swapna mam treated me for 2 years almost I recovered well she is very supportive.
G Ravikumar

Their Body surgery and Skin related treatments are the top rated services they offer for the best pricing.

Cosmosure has been a beautiful place and experience. My best ever experience has been with your skin polishing service.

Aging is a natural phenomenon; but Cosmosure team has a solution for this. They make you look young and beautiful.