10 Amazing Winter Eczema Prevention Techniques

January 7, 2020     

Best treatment for Pediatric winter Eczema by Dr Swapna priya, One of the best dermatologist in hyderabad

Millions of people suffer from eczema, an itchy and irritating skin condition that is often hereditary. Eczema can occur in any season and can be caused by several allergic or environmental conditions. However, for many people who suffer from eczema, the symptoms are usually much worse in winter than in summer. It is because humidity decreases during winter, which causes dry skin and eczema. So what should be done to protect your skin from developing eczema?

In the case of eczema, winter can be severe for the skin. Changes in temperature from warm and dry indoor air to cold outside air can dry the skin more than usual. Always follow a doctor’s recommendations and use these tips to moisturize your skin and reduce the effects of winter on your skin.

In cold climates, use a fragrance-free moisturizing soap to avoid irritation from eczema and moisturize twice a day. Vaseline and local moisturizers with fatty acids and ceramide are for daily moisturizers. For rashes, non-sticky hydrocortisone cream helps calm them. If this does not help, meet dermatologist at Cosmosure Clinic where we can prescribe hydrocortisone cream by prescription. Overcome skin dryness by using a moisturizer at home and use soft skin-friendly clothes that are washed with dye and perfume-free detergent, non-itchy wool, which causes eczema.

Look at these simple ways to prevent winter eczema.