Athletes And Skin Conditions That Affect Them

August 6, 2018     

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Sports is one of the most sought-after careers not just in India, but all over the world. Not just does it bring with it fame, but also gives you a sense of high. Also, it’s a great way to be fit.

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But, one thing you must understand is the fact that being a sports player has its own cons as well. Not just are sports players prone to injuries, they are also susceptible to several other health issues as well.

Sportspersons are often subjected to various environments and exposed to many kinds of germs and bacteria during their travels to different countries. Often it so happens, due to this and also spending so much time together, it can give room to various kinds of bacteria and other skin infections. They often share clothes or other garments which can be contagious.

Due to this, dermatologists are urging coaches and players along with the franchises to be more aware of skin diseases which are caused by bacteria or fungi as it can affect the health of the team as it can be highly contagious. Skin-to-skin contact is found in most sports such as Basketball, Football, Rugby and many more. This contact of skin between players can often lead to diseases herpes, ringworm and many other forms of fungal infection.

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Bacterial Infections:

Many athletes, wrestlers and even footballers due to their extensive skin to skin contact often are at a risk of developing a bacteria condition called Impetigo. This condition can be recognised by red coloured areas on the skin which are most often itchy in nature and often reddish brown in colour. Many a times, in most cases, blisters can be seen.

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Skin injuries, burns which occur due to the turf can often result in the trauma of the skin or even an ingrown nail in the toes can affect the skin and cause a bacterial infection.

It is necessary to diagnose the condition as soon as possible along with treatment and therapy so that the disease does not spread.

Viral Infections:

There are viral infections which can affect your body when you are a part of a contact sport. One of the most common viral infections is the herpes simplex virus. The symptoms of this virus are mainly blisters and and sores which appear on the mouth, nose, genital area and any other area of the skin

The sores are painful and the faster it gets treated, the better is the chance of the disease not spreading or being contagious to other people. Apart from viral and bacterial infections, even fungal infections such as ringworm can affect your skin and if you are in contact with anyone with that condition.

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This National Sports Day, it is essential to create awareness amongst all athletes that injuries need not be always physical affecting some ligament or bone. Even skin diseases are equally dangerous and even more so, contagious. With a ligament tear or fracture, your teammates can support and play for you, but with a skin condition, you are affected and unknowingly may affect the entire team.

The best course of treatment for any kind of skin disease is to visit the dermatologist or consult with us in order to prevent an outbreak within the team and outside is to diagnose it as soon as possible and start the treatment best suited for the condition as everyone in the team matters, if one person suffers, everyone eventually does.

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