Breast Augmentation Surgery: How soon after pregnancy?

September 15, 2017     

A perfect body is what we all crave for, especially women. Even though most of us feel that beauty is only limited to facial features, the concept today is changing rapidly. We are paying a lot of attention to our figures and for women, perfectly sized breasts are important. While many are blessed with an hourglass figure naturally, some are not that well-endowed. Such women either live their lives with the fact, or go for medical procedures like cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation.

Now, this is a great option. With a cosmetic surgeon chosen widely, technological advancements have made it possible for women to correct their figures and get much desired results on the size of breasts. However, for a woman, there are several factors that determine the shape and size of their breasts. Periods play a crucial role. More often than not, the size of woman’s breast is different before and after her period. But, the one thing that plays a pivotal role on a woman’s breasts are pregnancy and childbirth.

For a woman who is unhappy with the size of her breasts, there’s an important thing to consider – pregnancy. During pregnancy, and after childbirth, there are significant changes in the breast size. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the breast size might be different as compared to a woman’s normal breast size. Post delivery, too, because the mother is required to feed the baby exclusively with breast milk, there will be a lot of changes in the breast – like decrease in size, droopiness etc.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

These changes might continue even after the mother stops breastfeeding – which might be as long as the mother wants to breastfeed. It is observed that such changes continue to take place till about three months after the mother has stopped feeding. So, when exactly is it a good time to think about breast augmentation after pregnancy?

  • The cosmetic surgeon will suggest a waiting period till the breast changes stabilise. Afterall, there is no point in getting an augmentation done in the middle of ongoing changes. Doing so will hamper the results.
  • A new mother has to understand when she wants to stop breastfeeding. In many cases, the baby might not be ready to be weaned off, so, it’s a call of judgment that the mother has to make.
  • A mother should know whether she wants more children. Like mentioned, pregnancy and childbirth alter the shape and size of the breast. So, family planning plays a crucial role too.

With these points in mind, a mother can now understand when is a good time to go in for a breast augmentation process. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will help clear other doubts too.


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